97 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The AbortE1 5b ***Solo O/S29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Crack and UpE1 5b ***Solo O/S29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
McArthur ParkE3 6a *Solo O/S29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
The WebE1 5b *Solo O/S29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
One StepE1 5b *Solo O/S29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
LadytronE4 5c **Solo O/S29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
UnicornE3 5b **Solo O/S29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Lew's LeapV1 (5c) **Sent β29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Bushy TaleV1 (5b) *Sent β29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Monkey GripV1 (5b) *Sent β29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Mankey RoadV2 (5c) **Sent β29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Straight CrackV0- 4a **Sent β29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Pisa WallV0- 4a **Sent β29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
HandshakeV1 (5b) *Sent β29/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Short CrackV0- 4b Sent O/S21/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Bon AmiV0 (5b) Sent O/S21/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Heather WallV1 (5b) *Sent β21/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Straight CrackV0- 4a **Sent O/S21/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Pisa WallV0- 4a **Sent O/S21/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
Square FourV0- 4b *Sent O/S21/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
EliminateV0 4b *Sent O/S21/Sep/13Pex Hill Quarry
P10V0 **Sent O/S26/May/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P7V2 **Sent x26/May/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P8V0 **Sent O/S26/May/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
Caseg Fraith AreteV3 ***Sent x26/May/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P5V3 **Sent x26/May/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P2V1 *Sent O/S26/May/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P1V0 *Sent O/S26/May/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
sun and strongbowV0 5a ***Sent O/S04/Mar/13Otterspool Promenade
Low level traverseV1 5b ***Sent O/S04/Mar/13Otterspool Promenade
The Positron TraverseV3 6a ***Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Left AreteVB 4b Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Left Arete (north face)V0- 3b *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
SerendipityV0 5a *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Inside LeftV0- 4c *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
The OverlapV0 4c *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Artful DodgerVB 4b Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Central WallV3 6a *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Ledge ClimbV1 5b **Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Five A or CV1 5a Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Wet Leg AreteV1 5b *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Sledge ClimbV1 5c Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Anfield CornerVB 4b Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Bluebell CrackV0 5a *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Slot PocketV3 5c *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Granny Rock High TraverseV1 5b **Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
The Granny's ChairV0 4c *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
AntimacassarV0- 4b *Sent β03/Mar/13The Breck
Left ArÍte (west)V1 4c *Sent O/S???/2013The Breck
The Glen Aretef4 *Sent β02/Mar/11Shipley Glen