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Logbook for Tembaz

24 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
A Right Carry OnLead O/S19/Nov/08Symonds Yat
GumshoeLead O/S18/Nov/08Symonds Yat
Lego PensionerLead O/S18/Nov/08Symonds Yat
Stress ArÍteLead13/Nov/08Symonds Yat
HomoeopathLead O/S19/Oct/08Symonds Yat
VertigoLead O/S19/Oct/08Symonds Yat
HomoeopathLead O/S19/Oct/08Symonds Yat
Too Old to Rock 'n' RollLead O/S???/2008Symonds Yat
Louie GrooveLead O/S???/2008Ramshaw Rocks
B-B-B-BoonLead???/2008Symonds Yat
Jackal's ArÍteLead???/2008Symonds Yat
Golden FleeceLead???/2008Symonds Yat
ExchangeLead???/2008Symonds Yat
Broken RootLead???/2008Symonds Yat
VertigoLead???/2008Symonds Yat
Traveller's RestLead???/2008Symonds Yat
HomoeopathLead???/2008Symonds Yat
Corner CracksLead O/S???/2008Roaches Lower Tier
Christmas CurryLead O/S???/2008Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
MTNLead O/S???/2008Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Central Staircase-???/2008Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
K.M.A.Lead O/S???/2008Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Tiger Cub SpecialLead O/S???/2008Symonds Yat
Crack 2AltLd???/2008Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)