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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Three Fingers 6a * Lead 27/May The Cuttings
Hall of Mirrors 7c *** Lead dog 27/May The Cuttings
Mindmeld 7a+ * Lead 27/May The Cuttings
The Sod 5c * Lead 27/May The Cuttings
Really Big Sur 7c ** Lead RP 30/Apr Ban-y-gor
Lotus Wing 6b ** Lead O/S 30/Apr Ban-y-gor
Stars and Stripes 6c ** Lead G/U 30/Apr Ban-y-gor
Western Front Direct 7a *** Lead G/U 24/Apr Navigation Quarry
Rockover Beethoven 6a Lead rpt 24/Apr Navigation Quarry
Cantina Marina 6c+ ** Lead O/S 16/Apr Chulilla
Revuelta en el frenopatico 7b+ * Lead dog 15/Apr Chulilla
Yorkshire Pudding 6b ** Lead O/S 15/Apr Chulilla
La Miguel Gomez 7a *** Lead dnf 13/Apr Chulilla
Que hago jugando... 6c * Lead O/S 13/Apr Chulilla
Nazgul 6b+ Lead O/S 13/Apr Chulilla
El viaje en Cuba 6c+ Lead O/S 13/Apr Chulilla
Xevo 7a ** Lead O/S 13/Apr Chulilla
Magnetoresistencia 6b+ *** Lead dog 12/Apr Chulilla
Long Dong Jhon 6b+ *** Lead O/S 10/Apr Chulilla
Cap I Cua (P1) 7a+ Lead dog 10/Apr Chulilla
Gargola (P1) 6b * Lead O/S 10/Apr Chulilla
Plan Z dos 6c+ *** Lead O/S 10/Apr Chulilla
El Matasuegras 6b+ Lead O/S 09/Apr Chulilla
Samba man, kombi 7a+ Lead dog 09/Apr Chulilla
Caņas y barro 6c+ ** 2nd O/S 09/Apr Chulilla