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NameStyleDate Crag name
Pigeons in the MistLead O/S30/Sep/13Cligga Head
Ivy IncorporatedSolo RP12/Oct/09St Loy Cliff
Ivy IncorporatedLead O/S12/Oct/09St Loy Cliff
Chlorophyll ClusterLead O/S12/Oct/09St Loy Cliff
Mouseproof-05/Oct/09Trewavas Head Main Cliff
Hesitation CracksLead rpt05/Oct/09Trewavas Head Main Cliff
The Purple RevracLead O/S31/Aug/09Cheesewring Quarry
The Garden GateTR O/S31/Aug/09Cheesewring Quarry
Learner RouteSolo O/S31/Aug/09Cheesewring Quarry
Moping OwlLead O/S25/Aug/09Roche Rock
PorkyLead O/S25/Aug/09Roche Rock
Corner & StaircaseLead O/S25/Aug/09Roche Rock
Tregagle's CrackLead O/S25/Aug/09Roche Rock
Tregagle's ButtressLead O/S25/Aug/09Roche Rock
Easy ChimneyLead O/S25/Aug/09Roche Rock
Tump WallLead O/S25/Aug/09Roche Rock
BroncoLead O/S24/Aug/09Cligga Head
clints routeLead O/S24/Aug/09Cligga Head
reflections of inetLead O/S24/Aug/09Cligga Head
SanchoLead O/S19/Aug/09Trewavas Head Main Cliff
The GrooveLead O/S19/Aug/09Trewavas Head Main Cliff
Hesitation CracksTR O/S19/Aug/09Trewavas Head Main Cliff
MexicanoLead O/S19/Aug/09Trewavas Head Main Cliff
Sloe Steel2nd O/S29/Mar/09St Loy Cliff
Cress CendoLead O/S29/Mar/09St Loy Cliff
The BaldestTR O/S29/Mar/09St Loy Cliff
Chlorophyll ClusterTR O/S29/Mar/09St Loy Cliff
The BaldestTR24/Mar/09St Loy Cliff
Supercruise2nd O/S24/Mar/09St Loy Cliff
Monday FaceLead O/S23/Mar/09Sennen
Intermediate RouteLead O/S23/Mar/09Sennen
saltheartLead O/S23/Mar/09Pen Olver
LetterboxAltLd O/S23/Mar/09Sennen
Zig Zag2nd O/S19/Mar/09Sennen
Vertical CrackLead O/S19/Mar/09Sennen
Mile EndLead O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
Songs from a Broken Heart2nd O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
Mile EndSolo O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
Great Slanting2nd O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
Songs from a Broken Heart2nd O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
saltheart2nd O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
A Little GemmaLead O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
Great Slanting2nd O/S16/Mar/09Pen Olver
Bottleneck2nd O/S15/Mar/09Cribba Head
Harder2nd O/S15/Mar/09Cribba Head
Lovely, Lovely, LovelyTR dog15/Mar/09Cribba Head
Etron FouLead O/S15/Mar/09Cribba Head
AndrimneLead O/S12/Mar/09Sennen
Demo Route2nd O/S12/Mar/09Sennen
Kernyck2nd O/S11/Mar/09Cribba Head