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NameStyleDate Crag name
Muscoviet MosquitoLead O/S23/Jan/15Narrabeen
Ag ScienceLead O/S23/Jan/15Narrabeen
ALead dog23/Jan/15Narrabeen
Earth TripLead O/S02/Jul/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Ferrets Folly2nd02/Jul/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Sally Five FingersLead02/Jul/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Platform CornerTR24/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
MCM2nd24/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
MCM2nd24/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Magical Child2nd O/S24/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
WisecrackTR rpt08/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Burgers & FriesTR rpt08/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
The Gloaming2nd15/Apr/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Laughing CrackLead15/Apr/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Seam of DestinyTR13/Apr/10Little Smoke Bluffs
No See Um2nd O/S12/Apr/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Mosquito2nd O/S12/Apr/10Little Smoke Bluffs
High Mountain WoodyTR O/S24/Mar/10Malamute
Paul's CrackTR O/S24/Mar/10Malamute
The man from jackson Hole2nd dog06/Mar/10Nordic Rock
Cat Crack2nd O/S04/Mar/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Sally Five Fingers2nd O/S04/Mar/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Burgers & Fries2nd O/S04/Mar/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Catch meTR O/S02/Mar/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Catch me QuickTR O/S02/Mar/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Catch me quickerTR rpt02/Mar/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Ridge RunnerTR O/S22/Feb/10Little Smoke Bluffs
MCM2nd O/S22/Feb/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Quarryman2nd O/S22/Feb/10Little Smoke Bluffs
Easy Prey2nd O/S28/Oct/09Skaha
Ready to Strike2nd O/S28/Oct/09Skaha
The Raven and The Bear2nd O/S28/Oct/09Skaha
Rattle and Hum2nd O/S28/Oct/09Skaha
Plum Line2nd O/S27/Oct/09Skaha
Sursum Corda2nd dnf27/Oct/09Skaha
MosquitoLead O/S11/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
Smoke Bluff ConnectionAltLd dnf11/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
Phlegmish Dance2nd O/S11/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
Banana PeelAltLd O/S07/Oct/09Squamish Chief
Clean StartsLead O/S04/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
Picket Line2nd O/S04/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
QuarrymanLead O/S04/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
Penny Lane2nd β04/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
Up, Up and Away2nd O/S04/Oct/09Little Smoke Bluffs
On The EdgeTR O/S02/Oct/09Nordic Rock
Marychain2nd O/S02/Oct/09Nordic Rock
DiedreAltLd O/S26/Sep/09Squamish Chief
Mosquito2nd O/S26/Sep/09Little Smoke Bluffs
Boomstick Crack2nd O/S26/Sep/09Squamish Chief
Old Age2nd O/S26/Sep/09Little Smoke Bluffs
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