42 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Chutes de PierresLead11/Aug/09Orpierre
ColèreLead O/S10/Aug/09Orpierre
Ironie du SportLead β10/Aug/09Orpierre
Eclectik ElectrikLead10/Aug/09Orpierre
Violence et PassionLead O/S10/Aug/09Orpierre
2000 Bains, la Baignore de l'EspaceLead β09/Aug/09Orpierre
André-Aline ShootLead β09/Aug/09Orpierre
SOS.comLead β09/Aug/09Orpierre
AvariceLead O/S08/Aug/09Orpierre
CanardoLead O/S07/Aug/09Orpierre
Dark / joker2nd rpt29/May/09Hatta
Hatta Corner2nd O/S22/May/09Hatta
Shunned and falsifiedLead rpt22/May/09Hatta
So long and thanks for all the bolts2nd rpt22/May/09Hatta
Shunned and falsifiedLead RP15/May/09Hatta
So long and thanks for all the boltsTR dog15/May/09Hatta
Dark / joker2nd β17/Apr/09Hatta
Mad Hatta2nd O/S27/Mar/09Hatta
Hollow laughLead rpt27/Mar/09Hatta
Chick habitLead RP21/Mar/09Hatta
Hang em HighAltLd O/S28/Feb/09Wonderwall
Think Fast HippieLead O/S28/Feb/09Wonderwall
Chick habitLead dog09/Jan/09Hatta
The mud the blood and the beerTR rpt09/Jan/09Hatta
Training braLead dog26/Dec/08Hatta
The mud the blood and the beerLead rpt26/Dec/08Hatta
The mud the blood and the beer2nd β21/Nov/08Hatta
Hollow laughTR β21/Nov/08Hatta
Snakes and laddersLead β21/Nov/08Hatta
Left-handed octopusTR RP21/Nov/08Hatta
Baked applesLead β21/Nov/08Hatta
High Plains DrifterAltLd rpt15/Nov/08Wonderwall
ChoirboyLead O/S13/Nov/08Wonderwall
Zealot2nd β13/Nov/08Wonderwall
Born Again Gunpoint Liberties2nd dog13/Nov/08Wonderwall
Catholic SchoolgirlLead O/S13/Nov/08Wonderwall
Mandibular Third Molar Massacre2nd dog13/Nov/08Wonderwall
A fist full of hangersLead β11/Nov/08Wonderwall
Paint Your WagonLead β01/Nov/08Wonderwall
High Plains DrifterLead β01/Nov/08Wonderwall
Alans hatTR β29/Aug/08Hatta
WonderletTR β29/Aug/08Hatta