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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Jewel of the IsleLead O/S19/Apr/15Wallsend South
Stalker's ZoneLead O/S19/Apr/15Wallsend South
Trad Free WorldLead O/S19/Apr/15Wallsend South
Birth, School, Work, DeathSent O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
FreedanceSent O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
First Roped ClimbSolo rpt16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
BetaSolo rpt16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Second BestSolo rpt16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
BlimeySolo rpt16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Sugar Ray Boulder Problem - V3Sent O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Idiot Joy Showland Boulder Problem - V4Sent O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Brutal Equation Boulder Problem - V5Sent O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Piss TraverseSent O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
AlphaSolo O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
West CornerSolo O/S16/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Ozark Mountain DaredevilsLead rpt13/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Date with a FrogLead rpt13/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
A Short Story About PowerLead RP13/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
Ideal WorldLead rpt13/Apr/15Dancing Ledge
I wish I was in Steve's Shoe'sLead rpt12/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Where Silence Has LeaseLead RP12/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Future ImperfectLead rpt12/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Small Object of DesireLead rpt12/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Three in a BedLead rpt12/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
My Lovely JoeyLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
The Tail of Two EndsLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Jog on DorisLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Chalkings of a MadmanLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Climb It Like You Stole ItLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Where's Pablo's Phone?Lead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Rigor TortoiseLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
A Time of GiftsLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Old Tom BombadilLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Embrace of an Endless OceanLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Diving for PearlsLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Rude Not ToLead O/S05/Apr/15Coastguard South
Small Object of DesireLead rpt24/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Milly VanillyLead rpt24/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Damn These Electric Sex PantsLead rpt24/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Tend my DaisyLead rpt22/Mar/15Winspit
Lips of a StrangerLead RP22/Mar/15Winspit
Nine Years AbsenceLead rpt22/Mar/15Winspit
Revhead's Hi-rollerLead RP22/Mar/15Winspit
Know What I Mean PalLead rpt22/Mar/15Winspit
Tom's PatienceLead rpt22/Mar/15Winspit
Fragile MindLead RP22/Mar/15Winspit
Cake WalkLead rpt18/Mar/15Blacknor North
Cinema ParadisoLead O/S18/Mar/15Blacknor North
Reptile SmileLead dnf18/Mar/15Blacknor North
England's DreamingTR RP18/Mar/15Blacknor North