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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Slopin' and Hopin'6b+ **Lead rpt27/May/15Dancing Ledge
Mr. Choo Choo7a **Lead rpt25/May/15Dancing Ledge
Seismic Shift7b+ ***Lead dog25/May/15Dancing Ledge
All Fall Down6a+ *Lead O/S25/May/15Dancing Ledge
Carol's Little Injection6a Lead O/S25/May/15Dancing Ledge
Slopin' and Hopin'6b+ **Lead rpt25/May/15Dancing Ledge
Slopin' and Hopin'6b+ **Lead O/S24/May/15Dancing Ledge
Mr. Choo Choo7a **Lead rpt24/May/15Dancing Ledge
Ozark Mountain Daredevils6a+ **Lead rpt24/May/15Dancing Ledge
Corona Envelope7b+ *Lead dog24/May/15Dancing Ledge
Whipping Boy7a Lead rpt24/May/15Dancing Ledge
Mexican Wave7a+ *Lead O/S24/May/15Dancing Ledge
Ideal World6a+ *Lead rpt24/May/15Dancing Ledge
Commander Cody and the Lost Planet AirmenE1 5c Lead O/S21/May/15Dancing Ledge
Ideal World6a+ *Lead rpt21/May/15Dancing Ledge
Squalid Walid and the Druze Blues6b *Lead rpt21/May/15Dancing Ledge
Ozark Mountain Daredevils6a+ **Lead rpt21/May/15Dancing Ledge
Whipping Boy7a Lead RP21/May/15Dancing Ledge
Ozark Mountain Daredevils6a+ **Lead rpt20/May/15Dancing Ledge
Ideal World6a+ *Lead rpt20/May/15Dancing Ledge
Double or Quits7a+ *Lead RP20/May/15Dancing Ledge
Whipping Boy7a Lead dog20/May/15Dancing Ledge
Problem 9V9 *Sent x15/May/15Langdale Boulders
The PocketV5 ***Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
V6 TraverseV6 ***Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
V6 Traverse ExtensionV7 *Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 20V5 ***Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 1V0- 4c Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 2V0- 4c Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 3V0+ 5b Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 6V7 Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 7V0+ 5b Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Stefan GrossmanV9 ***Sent15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Erasuref7B+ Sent x15/May/15Langdale Boulders
The OverhangV5 ***Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
The Overhang SSV7 **Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
The CrackV0 5b ***Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 4V6 Sent O/S15/May/15Langdale Boulders
Problem 10f3+ *Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Laybackf3 *Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Badger Aretef5+ **Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Badger Arete (ss)f6C+ **Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Problem 14f6C+ Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Problem 15f5 *Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Problem 16f4 *Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Problem 17f6B **Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Finger Traversef7A+ *Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Problem 19f6B *Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
The Slabf7A Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders
Problem 21f6A *Sent O/S14/May/15Kentmere Boulders