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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Back in Black6b *Lead O/S03/Sep/15Cheddar Gorge South
Instigate Emergency Closure6b+ *Lead O/S03/Sep/15Cheddar Gorge South
The Darkness Beckons7a+ **Lead RP03/Sep/15Cheddar Gorge South
Pirates of Lamb Leer7a *Lead β03/Sep/15Cheddar Gorge South
British Summer Time6a+ **Lead O/S03/Sep/15Cheddar Gorge South
Gun Runner6a Lead O/S22/Aug/15Coastguard North
Vespasian8b ***Lead22/Aug/15Coastguard North
The Man Who Never Found Himself6a+ **Lead rpt22/Aug/15Coastguard North
Cinderella's Big Score7c **Lead RP09/Aug/15Hedbury
Dry Time Climb4c Lead O/S09/Aug/15Hedbury
Mindless Optimism6b+ *Lead rpt09/Aug/15Hedbury
Carlos Fandango Belay6b **Lead O/S02/Aug/15Blacknor Far South
Ghetto-Blaster Master6b *Lead O/S02/Aug/15Blacknor Far South
Escape from the Dwaafee Room6a **Lead rpt02/Aug/15Blacknor Far South
Tom's Patience4a *Lead rpt29/Jul/15Winspit
Tend my Daisy6a *Lead rpt29/Jul/15Winspit
Lunacy Booth7b+ **Lead RP29/Jul/15Winspit
Red Rain6c+ **Lead β23/Jul/15Winspit
Tend my Daisy6a *Lead rpt23/Jul/15Winspit
Tailwind6b+ **Lead rpt23/Jul/15Winspit
Lunacy Booth7b+ **Lead dog23/Jul/15Winspit
Avenging the Halsewell7b **Lead rpt23/Jul/15Winspit
Detonator7c **Lead RP19/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Truth is Out There6b **Lead rpt19/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Resistance is Futile7a+ *Lead rpt19/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Net Asset5c Lead rpt19/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Kung Fu Panda4a Lead rpt19/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Road Rage7b+ ***Lead rpt19/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Truth is Out There6b **Lead rpt11/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Resistance is Futile7a+ *Lead rpt11/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Factor 156a+ *Lead rpt11/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Net Asset5c Lead rpt11/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Kung Fu Panda4a Lead rpt11/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Jacob's Ladder5a *Lead rpt11/Jul/15Cheyne Wears Area
Keel Haul7b Lead RP09/Jul/15Battleship Main
Inchworm6a+ *Lead O/S09/Jul/15Battleship Main
Inch Perfect, Inchworm6b+ **Lead O/S09/Jul/15Battleship Main
Reve d'un Corbeau7a *Lead dog09/Jul/15Battleship Main
Pinch an Inch6a **Lead rpt09/Jul/15Battleship Main
Leer of Beethoven Startf5+ *Sent O/S06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Canyon CrackV0 Sent rpt06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Left CrackV0 Sent rpt06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Right CrackV0- Sent rpt06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Swings and RoundaboutsV4 **Sent rpt06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Crag traverseV5 *Sent rpt06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Broken RibV0 Sent O/S06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Park LifeV0 Sent O/S06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Canyon Crack Rightf6A *Sent O/S06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
Seams the SameV1 Sent O/S06/Jul/15The New Cuttings
See Sawf5+ Sent O/S06/Jul/15The New Cuttings