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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Ghost of Saturday Night-30/Apr/11Battleship Main
The Price of Silence-30/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
A Dream of White Porsches-30/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Coming Unstuck-30/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Wake Up, Time to Die-30/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Meg's Got Leukaemia-???/2011Blacknor North
Captain Klutz and the Sailors of Fortune-???/2011Blacknor North
Reptile Smile-???/2011Blacknor North
Slings Shot-???/2011Blacknor North
Apfel Strudel-???/2011Blacknor North
First Stop-07/Apr/10Bus Stop Quarry
Septuagenarian-07/Apr/10Bus Stop Quarry
EquinoxLead O/S07/Apr/10Bus Stop Quarry
SolsticeLead O/S07/Apr/10Bus Stop Quarry
Fool's GoldLead O/S07/Apr/10Bus Stop Quarry
Steps of GloryLead O/S06/Apr/10Australia
Surprise SurpriseLead O/S06/Apr/10Australia
Sport 4 AllLead O/S06/Apr/10Australia
Silver-studded BlueLead dnf30/Jan/10Cheyne Wears Area
Jasper-30/Jan/10Cheyne Wears Area
Wave Warrior-30/Jan/10Cheyne Wears Area
Tombstone-30/Jan/10Cheyne Wears Area
The Pigskin Bus Pulls Into Tuna Town-30/Jan/10Cheyne Wears Area
Anne-Marie Paid my FeeLead O/S23/Jan/10Winspit
MackerelLead O/S23/Jan/10Winspit
Birthday TreatLead O/S23/Jan/10Winspit
Nine Years AbsenceLead O/S??/Nov/09Winspit
Ledgend-??/Sep/09Guillemot Ledge
Double ChockstoneLead??/Sep/09Subluminal
South AreteAltLd O/S14/Jun/09Sass de Stria/Hexenstein
Southeast AreteAltLd dnf12/Jun/09Tofana di Rozes
LussatoAltLd11/Jun/09Falzarego Towers
Comici - South AreteAltLd O/S11/Jun/09Falzarego Towers
Via delle guideAltLd O/S10/Jun/09Cinque Torri
Borra Ring-06/Jun/09Dancing Ledge
Transparent Birthday SuitLead O/S06/Jun/09Dancing Ledge
Tensor II-06/Jun/09Guillemot Ledge
Troubled WatersSolo O/S06/Jun/09Fishermans Ledge
First CornerLead O/S05/Jun/09Subluminal
FredaLead O/S05/Jun/09Subluminal
Grooved ArÍteLead31/Mar/09Tryfan (East Face)
Looning the TubeLead O/S30/Mar/09Australia
Sub-Cneifion Rib-30/Mar/09Sub Cneifion Rib
StripteaseLead O/S29/Mar/09Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
ShadrachLead O/S29/Mar/09Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
One Step in the CloudsLead O/S29/Mar/09Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
ToleranceLead O/S07/Mar/09Dali's Hole
Aardman productionsLead O/S07/Mar/09Dali's Hole
Slip NotTR07/Mar/09Dali's Hole