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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Stromboli6a+ 2ndMarti99903/May/13Beeston Cliff
Stress Test6a 2ndMarti99903/May/13Cheyne Wears Area
Private World6a 2ndMarti99903/May/13Cheyne Wears Area
FrisbeeVS 4c 2ndMarti99902/May/13Cattle Troughs
Only ThisbigHVS 5b 2ndMarti99902/May/13Cattle Troughs
KariateE1 5b *2ndMarti99902/May/13Cattle Troughs
Trail of the Snail6b+ *2ndMarti99929/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge South
Slalom6c *2ndMarti99929/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge South
ChicHVS 5a *2ndMarti99929/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge South
William in ChileE2 5c *2ndMarti99929/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge South
Well Done Poppet5a *LeadMarti99926/Apr/13Blacknor South
Never Lose that Feeling6b *2ndMarti99926/Apr/13Wallsend North
Love in the Mist6a *LeadMarti99926/Apr/13Blacknor South
The Right Mix6b+ **2ndMarti99926/Apr/13Wallsend North
Resin Devotion6a *2ndMarti99925/Apr/13Winspit
Stargazy6a+ *2ndMarti99925/Apr/13Winspit
Cold Day6b 2ndMarti99925/Apr/13Winspit
Period PieceHVS 5b *2ndMarti99924/Apr/13Ashwick Grove
PulseD SoloMarti99924/Apr/13Curious Holes Quarry
Saucer Full of SecretsS 2ndMarti99924/Apr/13Curious Holes Quarry
Stretch the TruthE2 6a **2ndMarti99924/Apr/13Ashwick Grove
My Crane and My CamelE1 5c 2ndMarti99924/Apr/13Curious Holes Quarry
Over the HumpHVS 5a *2ndMarti99924/Apr/13Curious Holes Quarry
Levitation DirectHVS 5b *2ndMarti99923/Apr/13Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Raven GullyS 4a **LeadMarti99923/Apr/13Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Saddle RibVD SoloMarti99923/Apr/13Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
ScrewVS 4b 2ndMarti99923/Apr/13Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Bridle Piton SlabD LeadMarti99923/Apr/13Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Toe the Line6b **2ndMarti99922/Apr/13Blacknor South
The Mighty Bush4c LeadMarti99922/Apr/13Blacknor South
Talk6a+ **2ndMarti99922/Apr/13Blacknor South
It's My Life5a *LeadMarti99922/Apr/13Blacknor South
Lifeline6a+ *2ndMarti99922/Apr/13Blacknor South
Seville FlakeHVS 5a *2ndMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
Face Climb No. 2VS 4c SoloMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
Renshaw's RemedyVD **LeadMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
Too MuchE2 6a **2ndMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
Rodney's DilemmaS 4a **2ndMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
Easy Picking StartV4 6b SentMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
StephHVS 5a *SoloMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
SolitaireVD SoloMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
Easy PickingE2 6b **2ndMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
The Bush OffS 4b *2ndMarti99917/Apr/13Rivelin Edge
Infirmary GrooveVS 4b 2ndMarti99916/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
Gardom's UnconquerableVS 4c **2ndMarti99916/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
LandsickE1 5b *2ndMarti99916/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
NowandaHVS 5a **2ndMarti99916/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
Shot Yer Bolt6b+ **2ndMarti99915/Apr/13Horseshoe Quarry
Randy's WallVS 5a **2ndMarti99915/Apr/13Bamford Edge
Legal Action6c **2ndMarti99915/Apr/13Horseshoe Quarry
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