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Logbook for Haighy

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Yo-Ho CrackLead O/S20/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Rum WallSolo O/S20/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Stoker's BreakSolo O/S20/Aug/14Birchen Edge
StokedSolo O/S20/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Stoker's WallSolo O/S20/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Camperdown CrawlLead O/S20/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Trafalgar CrackSolo O/S20/Aug/14Birchen Edge
Pegasus Wall2nd O/S19/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Paradise WallLead O/S19/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Paradise AreteLead O/S19/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Tango CrackLead O/S??/Jul/14Stanage North
Tango ButtressLead O/S??/Jul/14Stanage North
Kelly's CrackLead O/S??/Jul/14Stanage North
CocktailsLead09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressLead09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's StaircaseSolo O/S09/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Crack and CaveLead O/S10/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Castle CrackLead O/S10/Jul/13Stanage Popular
April CrackLead O/S09/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Central TrinityLead O/S09/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Right-hand TrinityLead O/S09/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Via MediaLead O/S09/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Hollybush CrackLead O/S09/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell CrackLead O/S08/Jul/13Stanage Popular
Manchester ButtressLead O/S08/Jul/13Stanage Popular
EpitaphLead rpt07/Jul/13Baildon Bank
ConchLead rpt07/Jul/13Baildon Bank
Settle Injuries ClinicLead O/S06/Jul/13Castleberg Crag
Poppies for Tea?Lead O/S06/Jul/13Castleberg Crag
The Anchorman.comLead O/S06/Jul/13Castleberg Crag
Lib/Dem GrooveLead O/S06/Jul/13Castleberg Crag
Town Hall CornerLead O/S06/Jul/13Castleberg Crag
3 Peaks Bunk RoomLead O/S06/Jul/13Castleberg Crag
TaxusAltLd O/S09/Feb/13Beinn an Dothaidh, North East...
EbamsaLead14/Jun/12Santanyi (Tijuana)
TrencaclosquesLead14/Jun/12Santanyi (Tijuana)
La ley del deseoLead12/Jun/12Sa Gubia
Fill de ricLead12/Jun/12Sa Gubia
Puta perroLead12/Jun/12Sa Gubia
Pataje españolLead12/Jun/12Sa Gubia
El jardín de la abuelaLead12/Jun/12Sa Gubia
Tantum ergoLead12/Jun/12Sa Gubia
GrooveLead12/Jun/12Sa Gubia
Part ForanaLead04/Jun/12S'estret
Movimiento sexyLead04/Jun/12S'estret
Menage à troisLead04/Jun/12S'estret
Las cagaoLead04/Jun/12S'estret
Left LineLead??/Jun/12Alaro
Right LineTR??/Jun/12Alaro
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