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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Striptease Parade20 *Lead O/S ??/Oct/14Grotto Wall
Osmond Terrance21 *Lead O/S ??/Oct/14Grotto Wall
Blyth Street21 *Lead O/S ??/Oct/14Grotto Wall
Kingdom Come20 *Lead β ??/Oct/14The Pharos
Take Five20 **Lead O/S ??/Oct/14The Watchtower Faces
Stage CoachMS Solo 12/Sep/14Bushranger Bluff
Working Class HeroMS Solo 12/Sep/14Bushranger Bluff
Long BowHVD Solo 12/Sep/14Bushranger Bluff
I'm a Little Asteroid19 *Lead O/S 09/Sep/14The King Rat Cliffs
Nero15 *Lead O/SMark??/Sep/14Colosseum Wall
Surface to Air17 **Lead O/SMark??/Sep/14The Atridae
Muldoon13 ***Solo O/S ??/Sep/14The Atridae
Agamemnon10 ***Lead O/SMark??/Sep/14The Atridae
Lemmington19 **2nd O/SRyan??/Sep/14The Organ Pipes
Piccolo11 **Lead O/SWayne??/Sep/14The Organ Pipes
Libretto16 **Lead O/SRyan??/Sep/14The Organ Pipes
Horn Piece13 **Lead O/SWayne??/Sep/14The Organ Pipes
Tannin19 ***Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14The Organ Pipes
Golden Fleece18 **Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14Central Gully Left Side
The Stoat Steps Out18 *Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14Central Gully Left Side
Bam Bam20 *LeadJF??/Sep/14Central Gully Left Side
Mari17 ***Lead O/SLeon??/Sep/14Central Gully Right Side,...
Preservative Added18 *Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14The Bluffs
Missing Link17 ***Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14The Bluffs
The Bard12 ***AltLd O/SLeon??/Sep/14Bard Buttress
Resignation15 ***AltLd O/SMark??/Sep/14Tiger Wall
Syrinx10 ***Solo O/S ??/Sep/14Tiger Wall
Voodoo18 ***Lead O/SMark??/Sep/14Voodoo Area
Rats Alley19 *Lead O/SMark??/Sep/14Grotto Wall
Oceanoid18 **Lead O/SJohn??/Sep/14The Pharos
Lamplighter14 ***AltLd O/SJohn??/Sep/14The Pharos
The British Beat21 *TR O/SJF??/Sep/14Pharos Gully
Vanoise20 *Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14Pharos Gully
Agent Orange15 **Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14Pharos Gully
Huey18 *Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14Pharos Gully
Memoirs of a Fox-hunting Gent19 *Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14Pharos Gully
Wall of the Afternoon Sun19 **Lead O/SHarriet??/Sep/14The Watchtower Faces
The Confession16 *Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14The Watchtower Faces
Auto Da Fe21 ***2nd O/SRyan??/Sep/14The Watchtower Faces
Gecko14 *Lead O/SJF??/Sep/14The Watchtower Faces
Brolga16 ***AltLd O/SJohn??/Sep/14The Watchtower Faces
Sideshow19 **Lead O/SJohn??/Sep/14The Far Northern Group
Entertainer18 ***2nd O/SJohn??/Sep/14The Far Northern Group
Honeycomb22 **Lead O/SHarriet??/Sep/14The Northern Group
Kachoong21 ***Lead βHarriet??/Sep/14The Northern Group
Beautiful Possibilities15 **Lead O/SLewis04/Aug/14Central Gully Left Side
Hyaena18 *2nd O/SLewis04/Aug/14Central Gully Left Side
Moby Dick17 **Lead O/SLewis04/Aug/14Central Gully Left Side
Buckets of FunE1 5b Lead O/SMartin16/Oct/12Beck's Bay
ArmoricanHVS 5a **Lead O/SNick Russell, Charlie Beard13/Oct/12Craig Caerfai
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