31 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Gritasaurus-??/May/09Thorn Crag
Easy Karma-??/May/09Thorn Crag
Neil's Slab-??/May/09Thorn Crag
Burnt Heather-??/May/09Thorn Crag
Elemental-??/May/09Thorn Crag
Tarot PlaneSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Central Icefall DirectSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
HaardvarkSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Pump 'til you JumpSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Imitation ArapilesSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Slug the ThugSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Muscles in their ImaginationSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Weir AardvarkSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Dyno ... BucketSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Semen ScreamSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Smeg CitySent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Rug ThugSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Porridge GunSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Scorched AugustSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
New Stone AgeSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Unknown AreteSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Ascent of ManSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Jacob's LadderSent23/Apr/09Craig y Longridge
Crew's AreteSolo O/S??/Mar/09Frodsham
Crew's AreteSolo??/Mar/09Frodsham
Crew's Arete Left-handSolo??/Mar/09Frodsham
The Hoop-LaSolo??/Mar/09Frodsham
The Long LurchSolo??/Mar/09Frodsham
VorlazLead O/S??/Jul/07Col de Morgins
CheseryLead O/S??/Jul/07Col de Morgins
TavaneuseLead O/S??/Jul/07Col de Morgins