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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Overhanging Buttress AreteM *2nd O/S23/Apr/13Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress DirectS 4a **2nd O/S23/Apr/13Burbage North
Black Slab RightD *Solo rpt11/Mar/12Wharncliffe Crags
The Great Chimney (inside route)D Solo rpt11/Mar/12Wharncliffe Crags
Sunset CrackHS 4c **Lead14/May/11Froggatt Edge
Heather WallHVD 3a ***Lead14/May/11Froggatt Edge
Silver CrackHS 4c *2nd O/S14/May/11Froggatt Edge
Not Cheese Cut Flake/Cheese Cut GrooveM Lead12/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese CutD Lead rpt12/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Inside RouteD *Lead12/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Cracked AreteVD 2nd rpt05/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Hamlet's ClimbVD *2nd O/S05/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Pylon CrackD 2nd O/S05/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Pylon CornerD Solo05/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Outside RouteHS 4b *Lead β05/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Handover AreteHVS 4c *TR01/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Forget-me-notS 4a -01/Sep/10Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese Cut CrackD Lead rpt26/Aug/10Wharncliffe Crags
Crack 2D Lead O/S10/Aug/10Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 1D Solo O/S10/Aug/10Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Close ShaveHVD 4a *Lead O/S16/Jun/10Millstone Edge
The Great SlabHS 4b **Lead O/S16/Jun/10Millstone Edge
EarthaHS 4b **2nd O/S16/Jun/10Millstone Edge
Black Slab CentreHD *Lead O/S31/May/10Wharncliffe Crags
The Great Chimney (inside route)D Solo30/May/10Wharncliffe Crags
Snail CrackVD *Lead O/S28/Apr/10Lawrencefield
Three Tree ClimbHS 4b ***2nd O/S28/Apr/10Lawrencefield
Pulpit GrooveVD ***Lead O/S28/Apr/10Lawrencefield
TyroneHVS 4c *2nd dnf28/Apr/10Lawrencefield
Cracked AreteVD Lead O/S21/Apr/10Wharncliffe Crags
Slab and CornerHS 4a *2nd O/S21/Apr/10Wharncliffe Crags
Forget-me-notS 4a TR rpt21/Apr/10Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese Cut FlakeVD *Lead O/S17/Apr/10Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese Cut Flake LeftHVD *Lead O/S17/Apr/10Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese Cut CrackD Lead rpt17/Apr/10Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab CentreHD *Solo β20/Feb/10Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab RightD *Solo20/Feb/10Wharncliffe Crags
Alpha CrackM *Solo O/S???/2010Wharncliffe Crags
Puttrell's ProgressS 4a **Lead O/S20/Jul/09Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab CentreHD *2nd O/S20/Jul/09Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab RightD *Solo20/Jul/09Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese Cut CrackD Lead12/Jul/09Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese CutD Solo12/Jul/09Wharncliffe Crags
Not Cheese Cut Flake/Cheese Cut GrooveM Solo12/Jul/09Wharncliffe Crags
Cranberry CrackVD Lead O/S25/Jun/09Burbage North
Mutiny CrackHS 4b ***2nd25/Jun/09Burbage North
DetourHVD Lead O/S25/Jun/09Burbage North
Scarlett's Wall AreteVS 4c *2nd09/Jun/09Wharncliffe Crags
Handover AreteHVS 4c *2nd O/S09/Jun/09Wharncliffe Crags
Forget-me-notS 4a 2nd09/Jun/09Wharncliffe Crags