134 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Do Ixtlan4c *Lead rpt11/Aug/12Blacknor South
Best Destiny4c **Lead11/Aug/12Blacknor Central
Tombstone3+ **Lead β01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Jasper4c *Lead dog01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Willem5a *Lead O/S01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Future Imperfect6a+ **Lead dog01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Nine Years Absence6a TR rpt17/Jun/12Winspit
So Naughty5a *Lead dog17/Jun/12Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ *Lead dog17/Jun/12Winspit
I Can't Believe It's a Texan5c Lead dog09/Jun/12Cheddar Gorge North
Keep the Home Fires Burning6a Lead dog09/Jun/12Cheddar Gorge North
Anne-Marie Paid my Fee4c Lead rpt29/May/12Winspit
Resin Devotion6a *TR dog28/May/12Winspit
Tom's Patience4a *Lead rpt28/May/12Winspit
7a+ Took Me Lung4c Lead rpt28/May/12Winspit
100 Sunny Days3 Lead β15/Apr/12The Cuttings
Amazonia4c Lead β15/Apr/12The Cuttings
Fallen Slab3 ***Lead rpt15/Apr/12Blacknor Beach
Slot Arete Left/AlaskaV2 6a *Sent04/Jul/10Burbage South Valley Boulders
Wall Past SlotV0 5a Sent04/Jul/10Burbage South Valley Boulders
Right Twin Arêtef3+ *Sent03/Jul/10Newstones
Left Twin Aretef3+ *Sent03/Jul/10Newstones
Square Cut Facef6A Sent x03/Jul/10Newstones
Charlie's OverhangE2 5c **Sent dnf03/Jul/10Newstones
Big 'Olesf4+ Sent02/Jul/10Roaches Upper Tier
Carlos Fandango Belay6b **2nd O/S05/Jun/10Blacknor Far South
Fear's Younger Brother6a **2nd O/S05/Jun/10Blacknor Far South
The Unknown Soldier6b+ **2nd dog05/Jun/10Blacknor Far South
Read the Small Print6b **2nd β05/Jun/10Blacknor Far South
Read the Small Print6b **Lead β??/Jun/10Blacknor Far South
One Day, James6b+ *TR??/May/10Cheyne Wears Area
Willem5a *Lead β??/May/10Cheyne Wears Area
Queen Anne's Men6c **2nd dog25/Apr/10Winspit
Resin Devotion6a *2nd rpt25/Apr/10Winspit
Know What I Mean Pal6a *Lead25/Apr/10Winspit
Steep Slabf5+ Sent???/2010Newstones
Right Aretef5+ Sent O/S???/2010Newstones
Buoys will be Buoys6b+ ***2nd dog???/2010Battleship Back Cliff
Raise the Titanic6b+ *2nd dog???/2010Battleship Back Cliff
Rusty the Red Neck TakesOne for the Team6a+ *Lead???/2010The Cuttings
Consommé6a+ **2nd???/2010The Cuttings
Elephant on Rollerskates4a Lead β???/2010The New Cuttings
Elephant on Rollerskates4a Lead β???/2010The New Cuttings
Lamparós toca el dos6b+ **2nd???/2010Siurana - Valley
Marieta de l'ull viu6a+ *2nd β???/2010Siurana - Valley
Tan san fot6b ***2nd???/2010Siurana - Valley
Roure6b **2nd???/2010La Mussara
Aigua Viva6b **2nd???/2010La Mussara
Shargamanta6c **2nd???/2010La Mussara
Kalium6a+ *2nd???/2010La Mussara