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Logbook for dancey1981

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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Black ChipperLead RP13/Feb/12Brimham Rocks
LithosLead β??/Sep/10Brimham Rocks
Pathos2nd??/Sep/10Brimham Rocks
The HatteryLead??/Sep/10Brimham Rocks
Hawk TraverseLead O/S??/Sep/10Brimham Rocks
South Wall TraverseLead??/Sep/10Almscliff
Scarecrow Crack2nd??/Sep/10Highcliffe Nab
Queer StreetLead O/S??/Sep/10Highcliffe Nab
Highcliff Crack2nd??/Sep/10Highcliffe Nab
Flake Crack2nd??/Sep/10Highcliffe Nab
Heart Throb CrackLead O/S??/Sep/10Highcliffe Nab
North West DirectLead O/S??/Sep/10Highcliffe Nab
Right-Hand CrackLead O/S??/Aug/10Brimham Rocks
Zero RouteLead??/Jul/10Park Nab
BalooLead O/S??/Jul/10Park Nab
Twin CracksSolo O/S??/Jul/10Park Nab
Right CrackLead O/S??/Jul/10Park Nab
Chairman's Climb2nd??/Jul/10Park Nab
Chairman's Climb2nd??/Jul/10Park Nab
Wall Bar ButtressSolo??/Jul/10Park Nab
Pessimist2nd??/Jul/10Park Nab
Hara-KiriLead??/Jul/10Park Nab
Long BowLead O/S??/Jul/10Park Nab
BowstringSolo β??/Jul/10Park Nab
Twin Cracks (Left Crack Only)Solo??/Jul/10Park Nab
Twin Cracks (Right Crack Only)Solo??/Jul/10Park Nab
Bird's Nest CrackLead??/Jun/10Almscliff
Gnome's AreteLead??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
The Black Chipper2nd??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
White Rose FlakeLead??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
Right WallLead O/S??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
MalojaLead O/S??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
Desperation Crack2nd??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
Jabberwok2nd??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
Dancing BearSolo O/S??/Mar/10Brimham Rocks
Birch Tree WallLead O/S??/Feb/10Brimham Rocks
Square Chimney & Whisky Crack2nd??/Feb/10Almscliff
Low Man Easy WayLead??/Feb/10Almscliff
Cracked CornerLead O/S??/Dec/09Brimham Rocks
Fluted ColumnsLead??/Nov/09Almscliff
The Traditional ClimbLead??/Nov/09Almscliff
Parallel Cracks2nd??/May/09Brimham Rocks
Pig Traverse2nd???/2009Brimham Rocks
Fag SlabSolo O/S???/2009Brimham Rocks
Fag Slab VariantSolo O/S???/2009Brimham Rocks
Allan's CrackLead???/2009Brimham Rocks
Fag Slab VariantSolo O/S???/2009Brimham Rocks