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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Jaygo's PipeVS 4c *2nd04/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Byne's RouteHS 4b **2nd04/Jul/15Stanage Popular
The Louisiana RibVS 4c **2nd04/Jul/15Stanage Popular
The ScoopHVS 5b ***2nd04/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Hell CrackVS 4b ***2nd04/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Martello ButtressVS 4c **2nd04/Jul/15Stanage Popular
Corner, it is6b 2nd03/Jul/15Goddard's Quarry
Corner, is it not6a 2nd03/Jul/15Goddard's Quarry
Nematodes6b 2nd03/Jul/15Goddard's Quarry
Brachiopods Bite Back6b+ *2nd03/Jul/15Goddard's Quarry
Pearls from the Shell6a+ *2nd03/Jul/15Goddard's Quarry
Crozzles Away6b 2nd03/Jul/15Goddard's Quarry
Pebbles Away6b 2nd03/Jul/15Goddard's Quarry
The NailsE1 5b **2nd01/Jul/15Staden Main Quarry
Joint EffortHVS 5b ***2nd01/Jul/15Staden Main Quarry
NamenlosE1 5a **2nd21/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
Paradise WallVS 4c ***2nd21/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
Pegasus WallVS 4c *2nd21/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
Paradise AreteVS 4c **2nd21/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
Millsom's MinionE1 5b ***2nd21/Jun/15Stanage Plantation
Quès Twelve4c **Lead17/Jun/15Falaise de Quès
Quès Ten5c *Lead17/Jun/15Falaise de Quès
Quès Eleven5a **Lead17/Jun/15Falaise de Quès
Quès Fifteen4a *Lead17/Jun/15Falaise de Quès
Quès Eight4c **Lead17/Jun/15Falaise de Quès
Tumaghjucciu6a 2nd01/Jun/15a Richiusa
Chi Maraviglia6a Lead01/Jun/15a Richiusa
A Cigala5a Lead01/Jun/15a Richiusa
La Flox4b *2nd30/May/15Punta di Tichjonu (Ghjuncheta)
Furmiculi4b Lead30/May/15Punta di Tichjonu (Ghjuncheta)
Reta garbo6a+ *2nd30/May/15Punta di Tichjonu (Ghjuncheta)
L'écaille6a *2nd30/May/15Punta di Tichjonu (Ghjuncheta)
Le Chant du perfo d'Hattab6a Lead29/May/15Col de la Tana
Les Geckos de la Tana5c Lead29/May/15Col de la Tana
Lellè Cardeddi5c Lead29/May/15Col de la Tana
Ecart de Jeunesse6a+ 2nd29/May/15Col de la Tana
L'evasion de Leandre6b+ *2nd29/May/15Col de la Tana
Rata Garbo6a 2nd28/May/15Col de la Tana
Mimi la Crevette5c Lead28/May/15Col de la Tana
L'arête de Zirubia4c AltLd28/May/15Col de la Tana
Sans Nomf3 Sent26/May/15Punta Di Capineru
Les Fouilles Curieusesf4 Sent26/May/15Punta Di Capineru
Grande dalle 26a AltLd25/May/15Bavella
Grande dalle 16a AltLd25/May/15Bavella
Capricciosa4c Lead25/May/15Bavella
Route 235a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 255a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 285a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 305a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 175a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu