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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Sans Nomf3 Sent26/May/15Punta Di Capineru
Les Fouilles Curieusesf4 Sent26/May/15Punta Di Capineru
Grande dalle 26a AltLd25/May/15Bavella
Grande dalle 16a AltLd25/May/15Bavella
Capricciosa4c Lead25/May/15Bavella
Route 235a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 255a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 285a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 305a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Route 175a Lead24/May/15Sari Monte Santu
Levante 35c 2nd22/May/15Bavella
Grande dalle 36a 2nd22/May/15Bavella
A qui vighjinu4c Lead22/May/15Bavella
Grand Face Climb 166a 2nd21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 46b Lead21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 75c Lead21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 156c Lead21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 166b Lead21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 205a Lead21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 215a Lead21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 224a Lead21/May/15Chisa
Secteur Initiation 234a Lead21/May/15Chisa
Taravellu6a Lead20/May/15Bavella
Listincu5a Lead20/May/15Bavella
Albitru4c Lead20/May/15Bavella
Viola6a+ 2nd20/May/15Bavella
Piumbone6a Lead20/May/15Bavella
Scopa6a Lead20/May/15Bavella
Nepita5c Lead20/May/15Bavella
Sector 3 Route 26a *2nd19/May/15Conca
Sector 3 Route 15a Lead19/May/15Conca
Roxanne5c ***Lead17/May/15Auzat
Bassine5c ***2nd17/May/15Auzat
La Sabine5c ***Lead17/May/15Auzat
Shake Land5a **Lead14/May/15Auzat
Super Velco6b+ **TR14/May/15Auzat
Sur le Dos du Dinosaure6b *TR14/May/15Auzat
Le Debutant4c *Lead14/May/15Auzat
Reflexion5c **Lead14/May/15Auzat
Gruezi5b ***Lead07/May/15Katafiki Gorge
Bon jour6a ***Lead07/May/15Katafiki Gorge
Welcome5b ***Lead07/May/15Katafiki Gorge
Tach4b ***Lead07/May/15Katafiki Gorge
Funtime5a Lead05/May/15Didima Argolidas
A Good Crack5a Lead05/May/15Didima Argolidas
Here Comes the Weekend4c Lead05/May/15Didima Argolidas
First Corner4c Lead05/May/15Didima Argolidas
First ArÍte4a Lead05/May/15Didima Argolidas
Obelix6a TR03/May/15Pillars of the Wind
Wizard5c TR03/May/15Pillars of the Wind