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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Frankie Comes to Kilnsey7b+ ***TR dogIain24/Aug/14Kilnsey
Dominatrix7c ***Lead RPIain23/Aug/14Kilnsey
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogMhairi22/Aug/14Malham Cove
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogMhairi and mick21/Aug/14Malham Cove
Dominatrix7c ***TR dogMhairi20/Aug/14Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***Lead RPIain17/Aug/14Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***Lead dogIain16/Aug/14Kilnsey
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogKat Mhairi and Davy14/Aug/14Malham Cove
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogKat Mhairi and Davy13/Aug/14Malham Cove
The Tribeswoman7c+ ***Lead dogIain09/Aug/14Creag A'Bhancair
Hell Bent for Lycra6c+ **Lead rptiain and neil05/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Start the Fire6b+ **Lead rptiain and neil05/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Dominatrix7c ***Lead dogIain and mhairi03/Aug/14Kilnsey
Dominatrix7c ***Lead dogIain and mhairi02/Aug/14Kilnsey
Dominatrix7c ***TR dogMhairi01/Aug/14Kilnsey
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogMhairi and Nigel30/Jul/14Malham Cove
Metal Guru7c **Lead RPIain and mhairi26/Jul/14Kilnsey
Leyed To Rest7a TR rptIain21/Jul/14Ley Quarry
Metal Guru7c **Lead dogIain and mhairi20/Jul/14Kilnsey
Metal Guru7c **Lead dogIain and mhairi19/Jul/14Kilnsey
Metal Guru7c **Lead dogIain18/Jul/14Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***Lead dogIain17/Jul/14Kilnsey
Sideshow7a+ *Lead dogiain and jo16/Jul/14Kilnsey
Metal Guru7c **Lead dogIain29/Jun/14Kilnsey
Metal Guru7c **Lead dogIain28/Jun/14Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***Lead dogIain22/Jun/14Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***Lead dogNigel Iain sheppy Mhairi and...21/Jun/14Kilnsey
Baboo-Baboo8a ***Lead dogMhairi19/Jun/14Malham Cove
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogMhairi18/Jun/14Malham Cove
Comedy7c ***Lead dogMhairi and Nigel17/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Directissima6c ***TR rptJo and andy16/Jun/14Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***Lead dnfJo and andy16/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Truth Drug7b+ **Lead RPIain15/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Truth Drug7b+ **Lead dogIain14/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Truth Drug7b+ **TR RPIain13/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Directissima6c ***TR dogMartin12/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Truth Drug7b+ **TR dogMartin12/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Truth Drug7b+ **TR dogMartin11/Jun/14Kilnsey
Subculture8a **TR dnfMartin11/Jun/14Kilnsey
The Directissima6c ***TR RPMartin11/Jun/14Kilnsey
'Ave it!7b **Lead RPiain neil richard07/Jun/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
I did it Moy Way6b+ *Lead βiain neil richard07/Jun/14Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogBen jo and andy04/Jun/14Malham Cove
Baboo-Baboo8a ***TR dogjo03/Jun/14Malham Cove
The Truth Drug7b+ **TR dogAnna01/Jun/14Kilnsey
Soft Option8a **TR dogiain and jo31/May/14Kilnsey
Dead Calm8a ***Lead RPBuzz and jess30/May/14Kilnsey
Dead Calm8a ***Lead dogRachel26/May/14Kilnsey
Dead Calm8a ***Lead dogRachel and Arran25/May/14Kilnsey
The New Age Traveller8a ***TR dogPaul24/May/14Malham Cove
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