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Logbook for Joe Lawson

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Next 50 climbs
NameStyleDate Crag name
The TerraceSent x13/Dec/14Burbage North
Underhand ExtensionSent x06/Dec/14Almscliff
KeelhaulSent x06/Dec/14Almscliff
SubmergenceSent x11/Oct/14Burbage North
Dangerous Action Man WrestlingSent x05/Oct/14Anston Stones Wood
BulletSent x05/Oct/14Anston Stones Wood
The PrideSent x06/Sep/14Stony Dale Quarry (Lower...
Fine BetaSent x06/Sep/14Anston Stones Wood
Paranoia SSSent x20/Aug/14Hangman's Rock
SprungSent x19/Aug/14Bowden Doors
EasySent x16/Aug/14Redheugh
TumbleweedSent x31/Jul/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Buy BuySent x???/2014Curbar Edge
Demon Wall RoofSent x???/2014Almscliff
Forked Lightning Crack Sit StartSent x???/2014Caley Crags
Beach BallSent β???/2014Secret Garden
The Flying AreteSent O/S???/2014Almscliff
Morrell's WallSent O/S???/2014Almscliff
Below the DecksSent x???/2014Almscliff
Stretch ArmstrongSent x???/2014Almscliff
Sean's ArÍteSent x???/2014Curbar Edge
The KeelSent x???/2014Almscliff
Diamond White Left-HandSent x???/2014White Edge
Witness The GritnessSent x???/2014Higgar Tor
Mossatrocity Standing StartSent x???/2014Yarncliffe Quarry
The Fin - Sit downSent x???/2014Gib Torr
Stump Hole Cavern (First Bit)Sent x???/2014Gardoms Edge
Dick WilliamsSent x???/2014Secret Garden
Late JunctionSent x???/2014Curbar Edge
Blockbuster (jump start)Sent x???/2014Caley Crags
The Green TraverseSent x???/2014Stanage Plantation
Cloud Cuckoo LandSent x???/2014Curbar Edge
C&A TraverseSent x???/2014Almscliff
Syrett's RoofSent O/S???/2014Almscliff
Bad LipSent x???/2014Curbar Edge
The Gypsy StartSent x???/2014Almscliff
Red BaronSent x???/2014Shipley Glen
ParkerSent x???/2014Shipley Glen
Si's AreteSent x???/2014Almscliff
Too Hard for Mark LeachSent x???/2014Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
A Lack of ColourSent x???/2014Blackwell Dale
Out of My Tree StartSent x???/2014Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
E.T. Bone HomeSent x???/2014Tideswell Dale
Pedal to the NettleSent β???/2014Tideswell Dale
Conie TouttsSent x???/2014Conies Dale
Conie LamicheSent x???/2014Conies Dale
Conie Island ElephantSent x???/2014Conies Dale
Conie LamprechtSent x???/2014Conies Dale
Conie PepperoniSent O/S???/2014Conies Dale
Conie YeboahSent x???/2014Conies Dale
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