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Logbook for fninaber

37 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Tramp2nd dog27/Mar/10Dalkey quarry
Delectissima2nd O/S27/Mar/10Dalkey quarry
Eliminate A2nd O/S21/Mar/10Dalkey quarry
Eliminate A DashTR21/Mar/10Dalkey quarry
Pausa BananaLead O/S21/Sep/09Cala Fuili
NesquikLead O/S21/Sep/09Cala Fuili
RaichuLead O/S21/Sep/09Cala Fuili
PikachuLead O/S20/Sep/09Cala Fuili
La PimpaLead O/S20/Sep/09Cala Fuili
Piccolo Stronzo2nd17/Sep/09La Poltrona
SognoLead O/S17/Sep/09La Poltrona
Capri2nd17/Sep/09La Poltrona
Kala-X2nd17/Sep/09La Poltrona
IbitakLead O/S16/Sep/09Budinetto
La MulaTR16/Sep/09Budinetto
Giant's Staircase2nd O/S07/Aug/09Dalkey quarry
Street FighterTR dog27/Jul/09Dalkey quarry
Paradise LostLead O/S10/Jul/09Dalkey quarry
Ivy Chimney2nd O/S25/Jun/09Dalkey quarry
Damocles2nd O/S25/Jun/09Dalkey quarry
Yorkshire Pudding2nd O/S25/Jun/09Dalkey quarry
Honeypot CrackLead O/S25/Jun/09Dalkey quarry
Gardener's JoyLead O/S19/Jun/09Dalkey quarry
D Route2nd O/S19/Jun/09Dalkey quarry
The Wrinkle2nd O/S26/Apr/09Carreg Wastad
Emerald DykeLead O/S24/Apr/09Dali's Hole
Pour Tout le Monde2nd O/S24/Apr/09Dali's Hole
ToleranceLead O/S24/Apr/09Dali's Hole
Levitation2nd O/S20/Apr/09Dalkey quarry
West Wall2nd O/S20/Apr/09Dalkey quarry
Paradise Lost2nd O/S12/Apr/09Dalkey quarry
D Route2nd O/S12/Apr/09Dalkey quarry
F Route2nd O/S12/Apr/09Dalkey quarry
LevitationTR O/S27/Sep/08Dalkey quarry
Eliminate ATR O/S27/Sep/08Dalkey quarry
Eliminate A Dash2nd O/S27/Sep/08Dalkey quarry