397 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The ProwV9 **-13/Aug/15Carrock Fell crag
The Aretef7A ***-12/Aug/15St. Bees Head
Undercookef7A **-12/Aug/15St. Bees Head
Bow Wow Prowf7B **-12/Aug/15St. Bees Head
Tin Of7b **-28/Jul/15Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Power Pinchf7B **-09/Jul/15The Bowderstone
Inaudible Vaudevillef7B+ *-09/Jul/15The Bowderstone
2001 A Grit Odyssyf6C+ **-13/Dec/14Thorn Crag
Elementalf6C ***-13/Dec/14Thorn Crag
Mothership Reconnectionf7A+ ***-13/Dec/14Thorn Crag
Sprungf7C *-09/Nov/14Bowden Doors
Severus Snapef7B+ *-09/Nov/14Back Bowden Doors
Crab Walk Directf6A *Sent β05/Nov/14Ramshaw Rocks
Collywoodf6C **Sent β05/Nov/14Ramshaw Rocks
Night of Lust Startf7A ***Sent β05/Nov/14Ramshaw Rocks
Monologuef7C *-05/Nov/14Ramshaw Rocks
Easyf7C+ -25/Oct/14Redheugh
The Beauty of Being Crucifiedf7B+ *-14/Jul/14Woodwell
Belle Gueulef7A ***-27/Mar/14Mont Pivot
Pancras assisf7C ***-27/Mar/14Mont Pivot
Kendof7C **-27/Mar/14Mont Pivot
Excaliburf7A **-??/Mar/14Franchard Cuisiniere
Diversionf7B **-??/Mar/14Drei Zinnen
La Balancef7C+ ***-??/Mar/14Bas Cuvier
Mermaidf7A -27/Feb/14Burbage Bridge
The Stormf7B+ -27/Feb/14Stanage Plantation
Spinal Tapf7C **-21/Jan/14Shaftoe Crags
Purely Belterf8A **-08/Jan/14Shaftoe Crags
Main Wall Sit Startf7B+ **-08/Jan/14Shaftoe Crags
Crusisf7B **-08/Jan/14Almscliff
Matterhorn Ridgef5 *-08/Jan/14Almscliff
Demon Wall Rooff7A+ **-08/Jan/14Almscliff
Dolphin Belly SlapV6 6b **-08/Jan/14Almscliff
Le Mandarin sans conventionf7B **-???/2014Roche aux Oiseaux
Oasisf7B+ **-???/2014Maunoury
Dune (El Poussif)f7A+ **-???/2014Franchard Isatis
Attention Chef d'OEuvref7A ***-???/2014Buthiers Piscine
Magic Busf7B **-???/2014Buthiers Piscine
Dark Roomf7A+ **-???/2014Buthiers Tennis
Le Carnage assisf7C ***-???/2014Bas Cuvier
Cortomaltèsef6C+ **-???/2014Bas Cuvier
Holey Moleyf7A ***-???/2014Bas Cuvier
Le Carnage (White 6t)f7B+ ***-???/2014Bas Cuvier
La Super Prestat (White 17)f7B+ ***-???/2014Bas Cuvier
Little Pixiesf7A *-17/Dec/13Back Bowden Doors
Four Mats Wallf7B+ -17/Dec/13Back Bowden Doors
The Prowf6C **-10/Dec/13Hepburn
Photo Opportunity Aretef5 *-10/Dec/13Hepburn
IFf7B **-10/Dec/13Hepburn
Rheumatologyf7A *-10/Dec/13Hepburn