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Logbook for Lorraine Pope

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Concave WallSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Bow CornerSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Bow AreteSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
The AreteSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Left BulgeSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Right BulgeSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Sharp BulgeSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Flake SitterSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Slab WallSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Cod Eye WallSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Jug Right-handSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Mantel WallSent x17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Final WallSent β17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Flake Sitter LeftSent β17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Flake MantelSent β17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Cracked AreteSent β17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Cave Buttress AreteSent O/S17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Introductory WallSent O/S17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Bow RidgeSent β17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
ShortySent O/S17/Jul/12Harborough Rocks
Baby Slab P3Sent x27/May/12Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Cube P7Sent x27/May/12Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Cube P10Sent x27/May/12Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Dark Side Left AreteSent x27/May/12Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Dark Side FlakeSent x27/May/12Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Dark Side P41Sent x27/May/12Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The JugsSent x13/May/12Huntsham Crags
Satellite WallSent x13/May/12Huntsham Crags
Yellow 12Sent O/S02/Apr/12Franchard Hautes-Plaines
Orange 25Sent x01/Apr/12La Canche aux Merciers
L'Angle d'Attaque (Orange 1)Sent O/S31/Mar/12Rocher Guichot
La Fissure-Cheminée (Orange 2)Sent O/S31/Mar/12Rocher Guichot
Le Marche-Pied (Orange 4)Sent O/S31/Mar/12Rocher Guichot
Amertume (Blue 1)Sent x31/Mar/12Rocher Guichot
Blue 30Sent x30/Mar/12Le Cul de Chien
Blue 49Sent x30/Mar/12Le Cul de Chien
Verglas Frequent (Red 27)Sent x30/Mar/12Le Cul de Chien
Blue 44Sent x30/Mar/12Le Cul de Chien
Blue 43Sent x30/Mar/12Le Cul de Chien
Blue 35Sent x30/Mar/12Le Cul de Chien
Yellow 23Sent β29/Mar/12La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 24Sent x29/Mar/12La Roche aux Sabots
Le Pied de Nez (Blue 6)Sent x29/Mar/12La Roche aux Sabots
Le Pain Total (Red 32)Sent x29/Mar/12La Roche aux Sabots
Orange 2Sent β27/Mar/1291.1
Orange 3Sent β27/Mar/1291.1
Orange 5Sent β27/Mar/1291.1
Orange 6Sent β27/Mar/1291.1
Orange 10Sent β27/Mar/1291.1
Orange 11Sent β27/Mar/1291.1
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