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NameStyleDate Crag name
Nose DirectLead O/S20/Apr/14Windgather Rocks
Green CrackLead O/S20/Apr/14Windgather Rocks
North Buttress Arete DirectLead O/S20/Apr/14Windgather Rocks
StruggleLead O/S20/Apr/14Windgather Rocks
High Buttress Arete DirectLead O/S20/Apr/14Windgather Rocks
Squashed FingerLead O/S20/Apr/14Windgather Rocks
Slab CakeLead O/S19/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
Two LoosLead O/S19/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
Private ProsecutionTR dog19/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
Rotund RooleyLead O/S19/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
Thomas CrapperLead O/S18/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
Wall of JerichoLead dog18/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
Pale RiderLead O/S18/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
School's OutLead O/S18/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
Sag PonirLead O/S18/Apr/14Horseshoe Quarry
The EasyLead O/S10/Mar/14Castle Rock
Manchester ButtressLead O/S28/Jul/12Stanage Popular
Castle Crack (arete finish)Lead O/S28/Jul/12Stanage Popular
EliminatorLead dog28/Jul/12Stanage Popular
ZeldaLead O/S15/Jul/12Wintour's Leap
Kit KatLead dog28/Jan/12Blacknor Central
Does Trunky Want a Bun?Lead dnf28/Jan/12Blacknor Central
Dival's Diversion-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Pig's Ear-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Pull Through-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Four-by-Two-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Burlap-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Jackie-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Alka-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Nealon's-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Oliver's Twist-10/Sep/11Bowles Rocks
Fallen Slab ArÍteLead O/S04/Sep/11Blacknor Beach
Well Done PoppetLead O/S04/Sep/11Blacknor South
Do IxtlanLead O/S04/Sep/11Blacknor South
LifelineLead dog04/Sep/11Blacknor South
Hot Pants ExplosionLead dog04/Sep/11Blacknor South
GretaLead O/S02/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
ButterflyLead O/S02/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
Arch SlabLead O/S19/Mar/11Three Cliffs Bay
Temporary TruceLead O/S27/Feb/11Shorn Cliff
East to WestLead O/S27/Feb/11Shorn Cliff
Salamander SlabTR dnf???/2011Bowles Rocks
Pharaoh's Wall2nd O/S12/Jun/10Dinas Cromlech
Noah's WarningAltLd O/S12/Jun/10Dinas Cromlech
Cemetery GatesAltLd O/S12/Jun/10Dinas Cromlech
Brown Slabs AreteLead O/S31/May/10Shepherds Crag
Fishers FollyLead O/S31/May/10Shepherds Crag
C.D.M.Lead O/S31/May/10Shepherds Crag
Donkey's EarsLead O/S30/May/10Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs CrackLead O/S30/May/10Shepherds Crag