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NameStyleDate Crag name
Three FingersLead O/S21/Dec/14The Cuttings
The Potting ShedLead O/S21/Dec/14The Cuttings
Stone MasonLead rpt06/Dec/14Winspit
Know What I Mean PalLead rpt06/Dec/14Winspit
Red RainLead dog06/Dec/14Winspit
Red RainTR RP06/Dec/14Winspit
Transparent Birthday SuitLead O/S03/May/14Dancing Ledge
Ozark Mountain DaredevilsLead O/S03/May/14Dancing Ledge
Date with a FrogLead rpt03/May/14Dancing Ledge
All Fall DownLead O/S03/May/14Dancing Ledge
Fishy BusinessLead O/S19/Apr/14Winspit
Birthday TreatLead O/S19/Apr/14Winspit
Hot Beef InjectionLead O/S19/Apr/14Winspit
Stone MasonLead rpt12/Apr/14Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the PebbleLead rpt12/Apr/14Winspit
Rampant Love JugsLead rpt12/Apr/14Winspit
Flashheart DirectLead O/S12/Apr/14Winspit
Queen Anne's MenLead RP01/Dec/13Winspit
Insect GraveyardLead RP24/Nov/13Winspit
Queen Anne's MenTR β24/Nov/13Winspit
Live is LifeTR O/S10/Nov/13The Cuttings
Another Notch in the GunLead RP10/Nov/13The Cuttings
Goddam Sexual TyrannosaurusLead O/S04/Aug/13Hedbury
Moves for the MassesLead rpt04/Aug/13Hedbury
Pinch an InchLead dog02/Aug/13Battleship Main
Margaret on the GuillotineLead O/S02/Aug/13Battleship Main
The Laws TraverseSolo O/S13/Jul/13Lulworth
The MaypoleSolo O/S10/Jul/13Lulworth
Direct Route (Martinez direct)AltLd27/Jun/13Naranjo de Bulnes South Face
TalkLead O/S29/Apr/13Blacknor South
ImperfectLead O/S29/Apr/13Blacknor South
It's My LifeLead O/S29/Apr/13Blacknor South
The Wrecked FingerLead O/S21/Apr/13Blacknor Central
Gaze of the GorgonLead dog21/Apr/13Blacknor Central
Return to RoissyTR O/S01/Apr/13Blacknor Central
Pregnant Pause2nd dog01/Apr/13Blacknor Central
Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of Causation2nd O/S???/2013Blacknor Central
The Spook2nd O/S12/Sep/12Guillemot Ledge
Strapiombo2nd dog12/Sep/12Guillemot Ledge
Chalkie and the Hex 5Lead rpt12/Aug/12The Cuttings
The RampLead rpt12/Aug/12The Cuttings
Quality Family DayLead rpt12/Aug/12The Cuttings
Two FingersLead rpt12/Aug/12The Cuttings
So NaughtyLead O/S03/Jun/12Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the PebbleLead RP03/Jun/12Winspit
Stone MasonLead RP03/Jun/12Winspit
7a+ Took Me LungLead O/S03/Jun/12Winspit
Know What I Mean PalLead RP03/Jun/12Winspit
Stone MasonLead RP11/Mar/12Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the PebbleLead RP11/Mar/12Winspit