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NameStyleDate Crag name
Hot-shotLead O/S??/Sep/14Bench Tor
Les Bretelles (Red 14)Sent O/S??/Oct/13Bas Cuvier
La Jarretelle (Orange 34)Sent O/S??/Oct/13Bas Cuvier
L'Authenac (Red 15)Sent O/S??/Oct/13Bas Cuvier
Angle RougeSent O/S??/Oct/13Bas Cuvier
Fissure Est du Piaf (Blue 21)Sent O/S??/Oct/13L'Elephant
Le Medaillon (Black 16)Sent O/S??/Oct/13L'Elephant
La Voie Michaud (Black 22)Sent O/S??/Oct/13L'Elephant
Le Surplomb de la Loupe / Le Toit du Loup (Black 31)Sent O/S??/Oct/13L'Elephant
Le Toit du Cul du ChienSent β??/Oct/13Le Cul de Chien
Arc AngelSent O/S09/Jun/13Kilmar Tor
Half AngelSent O/S09/Jun/13Kilmar Tor
Up And OverSent O/S20/Apr/13Larrick Woods
Slippery When WetSent O/S20/Apr/13Larrick Woods
A Bit Of This, A Bit Of ThatSent O/S20/Apr/13Larrick Woods
A View To RememberSent O/S20/Apr/13Larrick Woods
One To RemeberSent O/S20/Apr/13Larrick Woods
Pinnacle Buttress DirectLead O/S28/Mar/13The Dewerstone
Pinnacle ButtressLead O/S28/Mar/13The Dewerstone
Mucky GullyLead O/S28/Mar/13The Dewerstone
Central GrooveLead O/S28/Mar/13The Dewerstone
GideonLead β28/Mar/13The Dewerstone
EenySolo O/S28/Mar/13Chudleigh Rocks
MeenySolo O/S28/Mar/13Chudleigh Rocks
MineySolo O/S28/Mar/13Chudleigh Rocks
MoSolo O/S28/Mar/13Chudleigh Rocks
OesophagusLead O/S27/Mar/13Chudleigh Rocks
Tip ToeSolo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Tip Toe Variation.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Stanza.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
The Frog.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Music Box.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Odium Line.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Icy Fingers.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Global Tine.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Minns Folly.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Purple Mist.Solo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Melting PointSolo O/S04/Feb/13Kit Hill Quarry
Central GrooveLead O/S??/Jan/13The Dewerstone
Mucky GullyLead O/S??/Jan/13The Dewerstone
Rufty TuftyLead O/S??/Jan/13The Dewerstone
Alison RibLead???/2013Bosigran
AviationLead β???/2013Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
DoorpostLead β???/2013Bosigran
Demo RouteLead O/S???/2013Sennen
The Cube P7Sent β???/2013Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Cube P10Sent β???/2013Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Cube P10 sitstartSent β???/2013Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Greg's Dyno P102Sent β???/2013Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
P86Sent x???/2013Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)