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NameStyleDate Crag name
Central Gully East2nd14/Aug/11Great Wanney
Jacob's LadderLead14/Aug/11Great Wanney
Boundary CornerLead14/Aug/11Great Wanney
The HairlineLead31/May/11Clashrodney
Capitol Wall Direct Start2nd31/May/11Clashrodney
Stone RosesTR31/May/11Clashrodney
Glaswegian SnotterLead24/May/11Clashrodney
Knee TremblerLead17/May/11The Graip
Bone Shaker2nd17/May/11The Graip
Graips of Wrath2nd17/May/11The Graip
Bunches of FivesLead17/May/11The Graip
Yellow EdgeLead10/May/11Black Rock Gulch
Yellow DiedreLead10/May/11Black Rock Gulch
Quartz DeviantLead??/May/11The Long Slough
Mad Dogs and EnglishmenTR??/May/11The Long Slough
Zeta2nd??/May/11The Long Slough
The Enemy WithinTR??/May/11Boltsheugh
Traffic Light AreteTR??/May/11Boltsheugh
Insect Groove2nd??/May/11South Cove
Akimbo Crack2nd??/May/11South Cove
'D' RouteLead??/Apr/11Gimmer Crag
'F' Route2nd??/Apr/11Gimmer Crag
Ash Tree SlabsAltLd??/Apr/11Gimmer Crag
Ardverikie WallAltLd??/Jul/10Binnein Shuas crag
Crick in the NeckLead??/Jun/10The Graip
Savage SlitAltLd??/Jun/10Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm)
Cioch NoseAltLd??/Jun/10Sgurr a'Chaorachain
Grey SlabAltLd??/Jun/10Coire Sputan Dearg
Oars AftLead??/Jun/10Ridgeway View Crag
Row The Boat AshoreLead??/Jun/10Ridgeway View Crag
Sip From the Wine of Youth Again2nd??/Jun/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
The PobbleLead??/Feb/10Souter Head
Mythical WallTR??/Feb/10Souter Head
Twisted Crack2nd???/2010The Long Slough
ZombieLead???/2010The Long Slough
AndroidLead???/2010The Long Slough
SneakLead???/2010The Long Slough
ZetaLead???/2010The Long Slough
Mellow YellowLead???/2009Black Rock Gulch
Original RouteLead???/2009Pass of Ballater
Right Hand Crack2nd???/2009Pass of Ballater
Left Hand CrackLead???/2009Pass of Ballater
Lucky StrikeLead???/2009Pass of Ballater
Great Wall2nd???/2009Great Wanney
Idiots Delight2nd???/2009Great Wanney
Great ChimneyLead???/2009Great Wanney
Double Overhang2nd???/2009Huntly's Cave
Slot DirectLead???/2009Huntly's Cave