WINNERS: Kahtoola Micro-spikes Competition

by Beta Climbing Designs Dec/2010
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The winners of the Kahtoola Micro-spikes Competition are:

  • Patrick Brien - Saffron Walden, Essex
  • Iain Macdonald - Nairn, Scotland
  • Robert Taylor - Edinburgh

You will all be receiving a pair of Kahtoola Micro-spikes.


Jon Morgan, UKC gear tester, took a pair of Kahtoola Micro-spikes with him on a recon' of the Bob Graham Round in the Lakes last weekend - a fun reconnaissance with six mates spread over three days. Conditions as you know were white: from powder to crust, crud, slush, ice and névé. Jon will be reporting back about the performance of the Micro-spikes at UKC soon, but he did say that they were easy to put on and stayed on, and suffice to say, those with them had an easier time than those without.

Below is some information about the Micro-spikes and then your chance - three chances - to win a pair - retail is £44.99.

Kahtoola Micro-spikes Competition #2, 115 kb

Just think – a pocket-sized traction system that makes any terrain, any time of year, possible. Kahtoola MICROspikes® Traction System aren't just spikes that dig in – they're your passport to anywhere adventure takes you. When you don't need a full-on crampon(and we have those too), our MICROspikes® Traction System will get you where you need to go with ease and precision.

This is the best part – the MICROspikes® Traction System is one piece and yes, they can fit into your pocket (a bag available). Just slip the spikes over your shoes and the built-in toe bar and flexible elastomer will keep your spikes in place, even when walking or running downhill. If you're a wintertime runner, our spikes are an ideal take-along for any run. Don't let winter slow down your stride when you come across some ice. grab your spikes and go - there's nothing out of reach.

Kahtoola Micro-spikes Competition #3, 79 kb

Multipurpose Meets Minimalist

Running, walking the dog, shoveling the drive way or what ever your adventure is Kahtoola's MICROspikes® Traction System cover it. We didn't think it was possible to create a piece of gear that was useable in so many different conditions and lightweight, too. There is not a glove box in our parking lot without a pair of our spikes in it. They're multipurpose, pocket-sized and don't require anything fancy to make them work. Just step in and go – adventure should always be this easy!


Kahtoola Micro-spikes Competition #4, 91 kb

Just answer these three simple questions (you may find the answers on the Kahtoola website - - and the UK stockists at

Then email the answers, and your name and address, put UKC Kahtoola Comp in the subject line, to by next Wednesday (8th December) and we will announce the winners the day after.

1. Who founded Kahtoola?
2. What does Kahtoola stand for in Tibetan?
3. How many UK shops stock Kahtoola (see the stockists lists on Beta Climbing Designs)?

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