Lyon Equipment Banner Competition: The Competition Brief

by Michael Ryan Apr/2008
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Lyon comp banner, 21 kb

This Competition is now closed

Are you creative?

Know how to use an image editor like Photoshop?

Reckon you know what outdoor companies are after when it comes to adverts?

This is your chance to get those creative juices flowing and deliver.

In the process you could win a shed load of climbing gear from La Sportiva, Beal and Petzl courtesy of Lyon Equipment the UK distributor of these premier climbing brands.


The Prizes
UKC Articles
© Lyon Equipment
A pair of Sportiva rock shoes
A Petzl Altias Helmet
Beal Tiger Rope
Petzl Bug rucksack
Petzl Harness
Petzl Reverso3

Petzl Altios helmet
Beal Tiger Rope
A pair of Sportiva rock shoes

And: Spot prizes for everyone who enters.


But more than that, not only does everyone who enters get a prize but this is a chance to get some paid work as it will be a showcase for your work. Outdoor companies are after talented individuals to help them run their internet advertising campaigns, and with your permission you will have the option to be on a register of talent that we can send out when we get requests for banner design. You may even be asked to manage accounts at not just designing banners, but writing copy, posting Product News and Premier Posts.


Your brief is to design FOUR graphic adverts (sizes below) for any products from either Sportiva, Beal or Petzl. The products can be all from one company or a mix of products from all three companies.

The graphic adverts are to be product adverts, extolling the virtue of the particular products that you choose.

The graphic adverts can be jpg or gif, standard or animated (or Flash - see notes below).

Advert Sizes

1. pixel dimensions 728 x 90 file size maximum: 35Kb
2. pixel dimensions 120 x 600 file size maximum: 75Kb
3. pixel dimensions 400 x 600 file size maximum: 125Kb
4. pixel dimensions 800x300 file size maximum: 125Kb


If you wish to submit a Flash banner as your entry then please do so, but you won't be able to upload it using the same form as described below. Instead, submit the form but without a banner included. Then send an email to articles(at) with similar details to the form and include the Flash banner as an attachment. We only need the .swf file.


Use images from the La Sportiva, Beal and Petzl websites AND YOU CAN INCORPORATE YOUR OWN IMAGES.

LA SPORTIVA website:
BEAL website:

Submit your banners here: SUBMIT

In the Summary title field put Lyon Equipment Banner Competition and your last name. In the Article text field put your name, address and telephone number, and a few words about yourself. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT, "Competitions" under category.

Upload your banners in the Photo details section at the base of this page. Make sure you take note of file sizes above or you won't be able to upload your images.

Each entry will be published at


Sunday June 1st 2008


Frank Bennett and Paul Cornthwaite of Lyon Equipment are the judges

Lyon Comp
UKC Articles
© Lyon
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