prAna PHOTO COMPETITION: Climbing Facial Expressions

by Michael Ryan May/2008
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Mick Ryan

UKC camera, 15 kbMost climbers carry a camera (or even a camera phone) with them these days and they know how to use them. A perusal of the Photo Galleries will show you what a wealth of talent there is out there taking photographs. Perhaps some of the most powerful images are those of people's faces especially when climbing. With a little effort one can capture a whole range of emotions in a climbing context; happy, sad, smiling, confused, fear, gripped, amused, bored, cold, hot, exhausted, satisfied - the whole gammut of human emotions and conditions.

This is your chance to win some prAna clothing just by submitting some photographs at and in the process learn more about photography, show off your creativity and learn what images appeal to viewers.

prAna, in conjunction with are hosting a photographic competition at, called;

The prAna PHOTO COMPETITION: Climbing Facial Expressions

Prana, 20 kb

You can submit as many photographs as you like on the theme of "Climbing Facial Expressions"

The photographs have to be in a climbing or mountaineering context, either outdoors or in, climbing or belaying or in someway climbing related. They can be action photos or portraits - but the main theme is human faces. In colour or black and white, or a combination!

Mick Ryan

TO ENTER: You must have a Profile and an associated Photo Gallery at as that is where you can upload your photographs. If you don't have a profile you can register here.
Submit via your photo gallery page and make sure that your images are the correct file size ... upto 800 pixels across and no bigger than 120K. Also you can only view photos in their full glory if you are registered at

VERY IMPORTANT: Choose the 'Competition category' from the pull-down menu when uploading your photos. If you don't choose this category then the photos won't be entered in the competition.

Not sure how to prepare your photos for Read Nick Smith's Photography: Preparing photos for the Internet.

You cannot transfer photos from your gallery to the Competition gallery. You can resubmit them however.

Submit your photos here

People can then vote on your photographs (yes slightly open to jiggery-pockery but we trust you and we can also spot when people try to get round the system).

THE PRIZES Five prizes of prAna outfits: a pair of pants, a T-shirt and a beanie/hat (styles subject to availability).

THE JUDGES Two of the winners will be the peoples' choice, by top votes; then three other winners will be chosen from all entries irrespective of number of votes by prAna founder Beaver Theodosakis, European prAna Bruno De Muynck and prAna UK's Lucy Ham of Beyond Hope.

Duration of competition is one month. Entries can be submitted up to June 16th, 2008

You will be able to view all entries as they are published at the Competition Gallery - and importantly vote on each entry. Voting will be extended two weeks after the Competition has closed and the winners announced at the beginning of July.

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