VIDEO: 3rd F9a in 2 weeks for 14 year old Enzo Oddo

by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC Sep/2009
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Enzo Oddo on Chocholocco F9a
UKC News, Sep 2009
© Philippe Maurel /

Enzo Oddo on Chocholocco F9a, 114 kbEnzo Oddo on Chocholocco F9a
© Philippe Maurel /
Full report and interview (In French) on: Nice Climb:

The 14 year old French climber Enzo Oddo has climbed his 3rd F9a route in less than 2 weeks with an ascent of Chocholocco (F9a).

The route was first bolted by Axel Franco in the 90's and had its first ascent by Cedric Lo Piccolo in the autumn of 2007.

VIDEO: Enzo Oddo Chocholocco (F9a)

Thanks go to Philippe Maurel for his help with this report.

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This has been read 7,419 times