Watch out for the Finns!

by Björn Pohl - UKC Apr/2010
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If I'd ask you to name two Finnish climbers, I'm guessing most of you would struggle to come up with a second name after Nalle. Being from Sweden, I'd do a bit better, as Finland does have a pretty good track record when it comes to producing strong climbers. The latest guy to watch out for is 18 year old Anthony Gullsten. Andy to his friends. During a 3 week trip to Switzerland last summer (then 17), he did 11 problems in the 8A-8A+ range, and the start of this season looks even more promising, with 2 8A's, one 8A+ and his first 8B, the 3rd ascent of Nalle's Hypergravity at Sipoo. He's also began working Nalle's The Globalist, 8B+. Here's a list of the hardest boulders in Finland. For now... Watch this space!
Photo: Andy Gullsten working The Globalist.
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This news story has been read 700 times
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