All aboard the send train

by Björn Pohl - UKC Apr/2009
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With the great weather we've had lately, hard problems have been falling left and right around Stockholm, Sweden. This is just a small sample:
  • Stefan Pettersson came back after a month in Font and dispatched his 9-year project, now called Ultimate fighting, 8A+/B?, and then the even harder Wild style, 8B?, both at Nacka Kvarn.
  • Peter Bosma did the FA of Armstrong sds, 8B, at Nockeby
  • Peter Lindmark did the 4th ascent of The queen mother, 8B, at Brudberget

Here's a video by Carl-Ola Boström.

Armstrong 8B FA, Peter Bosma from Carl-Ola Boström on Vimeo.

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This news story has been read 915 times
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