Honnold makes 3rd ascent of The Promise

by Björn Pohl - UKC Nov/2008
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The Promise, once heralded as the hardest route on grit and originally given E10 7a, has seen two American ascents in short time. First Kevin Jorgeson, suggesting a down grade to E8 6c, and now Alex Honnold (solo of Moonlight buttress etc) suggesting E8 7a. The big question now is to what extent this casts doubt over James Pearson's recent FA of The walk of life, a route he gave an unprecedented E12 7a. Does anyone have the balls to go out there and prove him wrong? Not likely I say, so we're gonna keep speculating.
Another question is whether Kevin and Co. are making any progress on The Groove, another one of Pearson's unrepeated cutting edge routes. Weighing in as a possible E11, it could prove a harder nut to crack. Do Kevin and Alex have the balls? Time will tell...
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This news story has been read 666 times
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