Super-Strong Bacher Sisters Climb 8c

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Jul/2012
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Austrian sisters Sabine and Barbara Bacher have both redpointed the 8c sport route of Schwarzer Schwan in ÷tztal, Tirol, Austria. The route is named after the film The Black Swan.

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+Barbara Bacher on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c, 181 kb
Barbara Bacher on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c
UKC News, Aug 2012
© Heiko Wilhelm

+Sabine Bachar on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c, 181 kb
Sabine Bachar on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c
UKC News, Jul 2012
© Heiko Wilhelm
Sabine described her ascent on her blog:

" day I woke up to misty and rainy morning. I looked out the window and questioned whether the route was dry. My other sister, Kathi, encouraged me to have a go and the all so familiar nerves set in. We walked through the damp forest up the overhanging granite wall and I made a really good attempt, falling on the tricky moves after the crux. I was pleased with my effort and had already accepted defeat for that day but I had a feeling deep down that I should give it just one more attempt. After a serial moment I climbed the 'Schwarzer Schwan' and the feeling of relief and happiness were indescribable."

You can check out a gallery of photos of Sabine on her blog and a gallery of photos of Barbara on her blog.

There is also a report and more photos on the excellent Otztal Website.

The video below shows off the excellent climbing in ÷tztal and features the Bachar sisters as well as David Lama and some other local climbing stars.

Sabine has several sponsors including Chillaz, Oetztal, Scarpa, Wild Country, OWK, Rot-Weiss-Rot

Barbara has several sponsors including Mammut, Otztal, OWK, OEAV, Rot-Weiss-Rot

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This news story has been read 6,965 times
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