Super-Strong Bacher Sisters Climb 8c

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Jul/2012
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Austrian sisters Sabine and Barbara Bacher have both redpointed the 8c sport route of Schwarzer Schwan in Ötztal, Tirol, Austria. The route is named after the film The Black Swan.

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+Barbara Bacher on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c, 181 kb
Barbara Bacher on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c
UKC News, Aug 2012
© Heiko Wilhelm

+Sabine Bachar on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c, 181 kb
Sabine Bachar on Schwarzer Schwan, 8c
UKC News, Jul 2012
© Heiko Wilhelm
Sabine described her ascent on her blog:

" day I woke up to misty and rainy morning. I looked out the window and questioned whether the route was dry. My other sister, Kathi, encouraged me to have a go and the all so familiar nerves set in. We walked through the damp forest up the overhanging granite wall and I made a really good attempt, falling on the tricky moves after the crux. I was pleased with my effort and had already accepted defeat for that day but I had a feeling deep down that I should give it just one more attempt. After a serial moment I climbed the 'Schwarzer Schwan' and the feeling of relief and happiness were indescribable."

You can check out a gallery of photos of Sabine on her blog and a gallery of photos of Barbara on her blog.

There is also a report and more photos on the excellent Otztal Website.

The video below shows off the excellent climbing in Ötztal and features the Bachar sisters as well as David Lama and some other local climbing stars.

Sabine has several sponsors including Chillaz, Oetztal, Scarpa, Wild Country, OWK, Rot-Weiss-Rot

Barbara has several sponsors including Mammut, Otztal, OWK, OEAV, Rot-Weiss-Rot


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This news story has been read 7,015 times
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