Brunn repeats The Elder statesman, ~9a

by Björn Pohl - UKC Oct/2012
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+Manuel Brunn on The Elder Statesman, ~9a, Frankenjura, 77 kb
Manuel Brunn on The Elder Statesman, ~9a, Frankenjura
Björn Pohl - UKC, Oct 2012
© Markus Bauer

Manuel Brunn has made the first repeat of The Elder Statesman, a crimpy Markus Bock route in the 9a range in Frankenjura, Germany.

Manuel describes the route as atypical for the area as crimping as opposed to gnarly pocket pulling is the name of the game.

He first started trying the route, and its slightly easier neighbour The last rites, 8c+, which shares the top two thirds of the route, in 2011, but didn't begin working it more seriously until this summer.

A couple of weeks ago, he did the easier version and then in mid October The Elder Statesman.

Markus Bock had suggested 9a/+ while Manuel is leaning more towards 9a.

Earlier this year, Manuel made the fourth ascent of Montecore, 8C.

Source: Triplex Sports

Manuel Brunn is sponsored by: Scarpa, Metolius, E9 and Slackline Tools

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This news story has been read 3,691 times
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