VIDEO: 13 Year Old Kai Lightner - Southern Smoke, 8c+

by Björn Pohl - UKC Apr/2013
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Deadpoint Magazine reports that Kai Lightner has climbed Southern smoke (8c+), at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, USA. Kai is only 13 years old.

Kai Lightner on Southern smoke, 8c+, Red River Gorge, 166 kbKai Lightner on Southern smoke, 8c+, Red River Gorge
Björn Pohl - UKC, Apr 2013
© Amani Lightner (video still)

Since early March, he has visited the area three times, resulting in four successful ascents of "8b or harder" routes: Ultra perm, 8b, Omaha Beach, 8b+, Proper Soul, 8b+ (New River Gorge), Transworld Depravity, 8b+, and now, last but not least, Southern smoke, 8c+.

Considering how quickly he is moving through the grades at such a young age, it will be very interesting to see what he can do in the future.

You can watch Kai in action on Southern Smoke in this video:

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This has been read 8,399 times