Routes Affected at Porth-Clais, Pembrokeshire

by Jack Geldard and steveq100 Sep/2013
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+New scree slope at Porthclais, 115 kb
New scree slope at Porthclais
steveq100, Sep 2013
© Nigel Barry
The National Trust have recently removed a huge amount of unstable rock at the popular crag of Porth-Clais in north Pembrokeshire, Wales, temporarily leaving an unstable scree slope.

The slope will wash out naturally over the next few weeks, but until the slope has stabilised climbers are advised to avoid routes between Diagonal Crack and Red Adair.


Forums ( Read More... | 19 comments, 27 Nov 2013 )
I have great memories of climbing that route with a rapidly incoming tide - another guy was trying it but backed off and I didn't have much time. My second, always a bit nervous at the best of times, thought he was...
Chris the Tall - 25 Sep 2013

Looking for a before photo, oddly enough the clearest is one that I took Will be very interesting to see how long before it washes away, so lets hope people will...
Chris the Tall - 24 Sep 2013

Hope it does all wash out; Inset looks like a nice route out of commission and Dreamboat Annie will alter in character if it retains rubble below it. Can somebody local take some pictures of the progress of the slope?
Jamie B - 24 Sep 2013

Climbed here back in May and the overhanging roof of choss here looked very unstable from below but a nice path from the top! I imagine it wouldn't have taken them much effort to cause it to come down. Once washed out...
Marq - 24 Sep 2013

This news story has been read 5,123 times
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