Dog Saved From a Tight Spot

by Dan Bailey - Oct/2013
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A heartwarming shaggy dog story reached us today, after Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team spent Sunday afternoon poking about down a nasty-looking crevice in aid of a stuck sheepdog. It's more caving than climbing.

Chip had been wedged down the 25m-deep slot for 48 hours. Being skinny, the team's Rob Johnson tried a roped descent; but he wasn't quite skinny enough, and reached an impasse about halfway down to the dog. Local vet Kes was next to have a go, and in the video below it really looks like she risked getting stuck herself. After a lot of effort she finally managed to snag the dog's collar with a clipstick, and Chip was winched out unharmed. Then the team remembered Kes...

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If you look again, you will see: Mountain rescue (mountaineering falling within the topic of UKC) On a mountain (again, mountaineering) Use of ropes/equipment in ways common in climbing (climbing) Anchors being used...
andrewmcleod - 16 Oct 2013

We were training with SARDA Wales Sunday morning but got the call later in the day, so not as epic as an all day job! Steak and sausages courtesy of the farmer, team members and a certain local centres kitchen! :-) ...
Rob Johnson - 15 Oct 2013

This "light and fast" philosophy has gone way too far. This dog clearly didn't have the proper equipment to go caving. Of course there will be some people to admire it but I find it irresponsible. Next week a...
drolex - 15 Oct 2013

This news story has been read 7,580 times
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