UKC Forums Q & A with Alan James

by Dan Bailey - Oct/2013
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The zap gun

The UKClimbing Limited director Alan James will be on the forums on Monday 28 October for a Q&A session specifically about the UKC Forums.

In our user survey of May this year we asked some forum-specific questions. The results of these are shown below. The answers we received gave a resounding thumbs up for the functionality, useability and moderation. There were also some pointers as to features we might add.

This Q&A is your chance to discuss more specific aspects of the UKC Forums, and discuss topics in more depth. Questions could cover anything to do with how we operate the forums. Is there too much or too little moderation, for instance? And what's our general moderating policy relating to commercial interests? You might want to talk about thread and post content, posting restrictions, banned profiles or post removal. Or perhaps you'd like to suggest features we could consider adding to the forums? Basically, if it's forum-related then Alan's keen to discuss it. 

The Q&A will start at 9am and go on through the day. Feel free to post questions before then although if the list gets too big then we may struggle to deal with them all. And do please try and keep it on topic. This Q&A is on the Forums only, not about UKC News coverage, or Rockfax guidebooks (Alan may run a Q&A on these at a later date).

UKC Survey results - Forum moderation, 15 kb

UKC User Survey Forum results, 77 kb

Forums ( Read More... | 261 comments, 05 Nov 2013 )
I've had this happen to me as well and blamed UKC moderation without thinking first and just plain lost threads and done the same: so repeat apologies for all that. Just because you are paranoid it doesn't mean they are...
Offwidth - 05 Nov 2013

Thanks! I don't have the Pub turned on so that seems to mean the thread was also "zapped" from the list of my "recent comments" on my profile - my normal way of finding a thread I've posted on then...
TobyA - 04 Nov 2013

Alan, in the spirit of openness and debate that the Q&A engendered, would you explain what happened to the busy thread this from this morning that got zapped? There were some vigorous opinions being expressed, but...
TobyA - 04 Nov 2013

I was just showing my kids an old Nirvana video on YouTube, first comment out of hundreds - "I'm glad he killed himself. Pussy. Waste of air." The comments didn't get much better further down. Youtube...
TobyA - 30 Oct 2013

I'll be honest and say I can't find any examples, but have definitely seen posts along the lines of 'I stopped using UKC because of all the vitriol' and 'UKC is one of the most unpleasant forums I use'. I also shudder...
avictimoftheDrpsycho - 30 Oct 2013

You're coming over as a bit obsessive about this though. I'm sure you are right that there are some mistakes in Rockfax guides, but then there are in I guess all guidebooks. Any of us who have followed these threads...
TobyA - 30 Oct 2013

This news story has been read 4,246 times
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