VIDEO: Happy Winter - Ski Mountaineering with Andreas Fransson

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Oct/2013
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In this short film by Bjarne Salen of Endless Flow, we see extreme skier Andreas Fransson and friends in action, skiing some lines that most people would need two axes to climb up.

These guys are blurring the line between skiing and climbing, or perhaps there is no line at all?

Enjoy this excellent film, showcasing some amazing mountains and fantastic skiers. The film has a great vibe and really got us psyched for winter. Watch out for an appearance from British skiers / climbers Tom Grant and Ben Briggs too.

The video is sponsored by: Haglofs, Oakley and Salomon

Forums ( Read More... | 12 comments, 01 Nov 2013 )
I think therein lies the problem. I find the Move video really mainstream. Music, loads of moving around and changing scenes, trying to cram everything into a small space. It is all a bit cheesy aftershave advert...
Denni - 01 Nov 2013

Not surprising at all but Gordon called this one poetic; that felt like quite a claim - although I guess there is bad poetry and good poetry. Denni, yep, I've got nothing against Fransson at all (beside jealously of...
TobyA - 01 Nov 2013

Yup Andreas and Bjarne were over for Kendal last year - both really great guys - and have genuine love of the outdoors. Andreas is mid way through his Guides ticket - I assume through the Swedish system.
Henry Iddon - 01 Nov 2013

I reckon you're getting cynical in your old age! A friend of a friend knows him and skis with him and says he is genuinly the real deal. A philosophical, intelligent, caring and appreciative chap. As far as the...
Denni - 01 Nov 2013

Poetic? Hmmm? I must be getting cynical in my old age but I tend not take the voice overs like that too seriously. There's nothing wrong with it and I suspect for me the words suffer from their proximity to a list of...
TobyA - 01 Nov 2013

Excellent video, made my day. The chap is obviously very aware of his surroundings and has a deep respect for Mother Nature and loves what he does. Very poetic and makes me wish more people had the same outlook on life...
Denni - 01 Nov 2013

This news story has been read 7,068 times
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