VIDEO: The Warm Heart of Africa

by Björn Pohl - UKC Dec/2013
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From Haroun Souirji, the man who brought us Better than Chocolate, Vivid Landscapes and more, comes a new video shot in Malawi, in the heart of Africa: The Warm Heart of Africa.

Haroun brought along fellow cinematographer Julie Guignier, climbers Mélissa Le Nevé and Ben Rueck, and photographer/guidebook author Scott Noy to try and explore the bouldering possibilities of Malawi. After all, it did look very promising on Google earth so... why not?

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Well it is not if you plan your trip well. There are pills to take to avoid Schistosomiasis. They are extremely cheap if you buy them at a local pharmacy. None of us got sick. However some crocodiles have been observed...
Haroun Souirji - 26 Dec 2013

Yes you should hurry up :-). From the info I got on the big wall (photos from previous ascentionists), the rock is not amazing... In most places it is more like a vertical jungle. But only maybe 5% of the wall has been...
Haroun Souirji - 26 Dec 2013

Hi! The rock face does look great but when you get closer, the rock is actually not that great and mostly covered with lychens and plants of all sorts. We might go on it one day but the boulders are not chossy at all....
Haroun Souirji - 26 Dec 2013

I've looked down that face on Chambe from the top after a climb on the shorter side. It's massive, and quite unlike anywhere else. Couldn't see the boulders though - they must have been over 1500m below me! Go there...
Tom Chamberlain - 20 Dec 2013

I hope they are in good health after swimming in the lake. There will be are some real nasty's in the lake. I hope they are in good health after swimming in the lake. There be will are some real nasty's around. Post...
silo - 20 Dec 2013

It is a little known fact that Chambe in the Mulanje area has the biggest rock wall in Africa (Chris bonnington has climbed it!). I've been thinking of a trip for a few years; the potential is obviously huge. I think I...
Robert Durran - 20 Dec 2013

This news story has been read 6,208 times
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