FRI NIGHT VID: Ron Fawcett, Jerry Moffatt, John Allen and Pete Whittaker

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Jan/2014
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This week's Friday nighter is a really fun video of the Peak Rock book launch at The Climbing Works featuring: Ron Fawcett, Jerry Moffatt, John Allen and Pete Whittaker.

Brilliant! And great to see young Pete Whittaker up on the stage.

More about the book:

"Meticulously researched and written by a team of local authors, this is the story of the sharp end of Peak District climbing as told through the words of many of the Peak’s – and the world’s – top climbers, including: James W Puttrell, Jack Longland, Joe Brown, Don Whillans, Ed Drummond, Tom Proctor, John Allen, Ron Fawcett, Andy Pollitt, Jerry Moffatt, Johnny Dawes, Ben Moon, John Dunne, Miles Gibson, Pete Whittaker, Steve McClure, Ryan Pasquill and many more..."

Forums ( Read More... | 30 comments, 13 Jan 2014 )
I take it the Johnny everyone is referring too is Johnny Dawes...? I too thought it odd that he wasn't up there. What did he say that was so bad, that meant he wasn't invited onto the sofa? It seems out of character but...
outtathaway - 11 Jan 2014

Again, as with John Allen, Big Ron was being brutally honest. After all, Pete had been his mentor and, for Pete (loved him and all) with FAs, there were no prisoners. 40 years on, the world is a rather different...
Mick Ward - 11 Jan 2014

Re projects, have things really changed ? Haven't Bolted projects always been respected ? Ok there were stories of padlocking frying pans to bolts in the very early days.... As to Grit, is there really a secret...
Chris the Tall - 11 Jan 2014

Apropos of 'glad that things had moved on', etc, etc. "No, I was just really bitter." Delivered in the most deadpan manner imaginable! Full marks to him. That arÍte is a thing of beauty. Even now, I...
Mick Ward - 11 Jan 2014

I'm not. I thought his behaviour was shameful. He came across as a complete dick, as Niall said at the time. He was nasty, agressive, abusive and deeply unpleasant to everyone; I don't remember anyone laughing. No...
Frank the Husky - 10 Jan 2014

This news story has been read 7,658 times
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