VIDEO: Paige Claassen Climbs 8c in China

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jan/2014
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This video from Louder than 11 really speaks for itself. Amazing landscape and climbing footage from Yangshuo, China, featuring an impressive first female ascent of China climb, 8c, by Paige Claassen.

First female ascents seem to be Paige's thing. Remember her ascents of Grand Ole Opry, 8c/+, and Art attack, 8c!


Paige Claassen is sponsored by: Camp, La Sportiva, Marmot and Maxim Ropes

Forums ( Read More... | 23 comments, 18 Jan 2014 )
aww poor you...getting your tattoo touched by curious strangers (probably girls and you secretly love the attention) from a different culture (that you happen to be living in) with a somewhat different idea on personal...
climbnplay - 18 Jan 2014

Was that the case? Wasn't she just doing a bit of online networking etc after the event, to raise the profile of Colorado, while she happened to be in China? I wasn't sure what to expect from my first time on the...
Morgan Woods - 17 Jan 2014

And what's with the subtitles for people speaking English perfectly well even though it is not their first language? Seen that more and more recently when it just isn't necessary. I take it as pretty patronising to...
IceKing - 17 Jan 2014

Nah, you're wrong. It's soulless drivel with a good strong whiff of imperialism. It's sad, with all the money that goes into these kinds of films, that they are so bland. What was the aim of this climbing trip? Just to...
Franco Cookson - 17 Jan 2014

Are you serious? This thread is embarrassing. This hatred towards a complete stranger is based off her comments that china is dirty, polluted and the food is bad and that it can be uncomfortable for westeners. The food...
daveaubrey - 17 Jan 2014

She just comes across as young, ill-informed and naive (IMO a complete idiot), Yangshuo is not as she described at all (maybe other parts of China are), a few minutes on Google would have shown otherwise and prevented...
papashango - 16 Jan 2014

This news story has been read 5,728 times
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