Honnold free solos El Sendero Luminoso

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jan/2014
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+Alex Honnold at the Green river, Utah, 81 kb
Alex Honnold at the Green river, Utah
© The North Face

American free soloist Alex Honnold has free soloed the 15 pitch/500m El Sendero Luminoso at Potrero Chico, Mexico.

The climb is highly technical and very sustained with 11 out of the 15 pitches being in the 5.12-range (7a+-7c).

Alex climbed the route a few times together with Cedar Wright, who had also prepared (cleaned) the route prior to Alex' arrival.

The actual solo climb apparently went very smooth taking only three hours.

Did I hear "What has he ever done on grit?"?
Didn't think so...

Alex Honnold is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Clif bar, La Sportiva, New England Ropes and The North Face

Forums ( Read More... | 53 comments, 25 Jan 2014 )
I saw ueli Steck speak last night in London. He sounded as thouhg he has a reasonable grasp of risk and also that as a consequence he won't do any more speed ascents in the alps and seemingly nothing like Annapurna...
puppythedog - 24 Jan 2014

The scariest thing is going back on the routes years later. Aged 19 I soloed Centurion on Ben Nevis having only ever led a handful of E1's. Going back on it last summer as a solid E3 leader, carefully climbing the...
Robert Durran - 24 Jan 2014

That Mt Watkins clip is genuinely scary. I used to solo a lot and also to within a grade or so of my absolute limit, for shorter routes say less than 20 metres sometimes at my limit. Like RD I get sweats thinking...
Bob - 24 Jan 2014

Absolutely. I used to solo loads of stuff only a grade or two below my leading limit. Nowadays I feel slightly sick just thinking about what could very easily have gone wrong. Self delusion and self confidence are...
Robert Durran - 24 Jan 2014

Do you really think that John Bachar, Jimmy Jewell, Paul Williams, Derek Hersey etc etc WEREN'T blessed with similar amounts of self confidence? Hmmm, speak for yourself! Watch the clip of film where he slips on Mt...
jon - 24 Jan 2014

To non-climbers I can understand the instant "whoah - that guy must have a death wish!" response, however I'm still quite surprised by how people in the climbing community are responding to Honnold soloing....
madasten - 21 Jan 2014

This news story has been read 14,113 times
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