VIDEO: Honnold's Hardest Big Wall Solo - Gripping!

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Feb/2014
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Back in January we reported on Alex Honnold's mind-blowing solo of the 15 pitch/500m El Sendero Luminoso at Potrero Chico, Mexico.

The climb is highly technical and very sustained with 11 out of the 15 pitches being in the 5.12-range (7a+-7c)!

Here is some slo-mo footage of Alex on pitch 7 from REEL ROCK.... gripping. The full film will be released soon - watch this space.

Alex Honnold is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Clif bar, La Sportiva, New England Ropes and The North Face

Forums ( Read More... | 36 comments, 13 Feb 2014 )
It is pretty plumb-line vertical, mostly around the French 7a+ mark, the crux pitch is probably about 7b+ and is technical and quite insecure as I recall. Of course, you could put some pads on the half-way ledge and...
Adrian Berry - 13 Feb 2014

Oh dear..... You have completely and utterly and actually quite embarrassingly missed the point. Absolutely nobody is seeking to diminish the ascent; if anything, as somebody pointed out, if it's a slab of that grade...
Robert Durran - 09 Feb 2014

Annoying cooments to say the least.It is obvious that the clmber and the production team are not choosing to embelish the whole subject matter.If you think that ,they are you are complete f!@ w*^&@.The guy is a...
Speed Reed - 09 Feb 2014

Just joking, the angle doesn't make it less serious IMO. I've read somewhere about this climb being filmed by a drone(???), not sure, though that would explain the absence of people when Alex is seen from behind, on the...
progrupicola - 08 Feb 2014

I agree the orientation is annoying, I wanted to turn my head around the whole time. Don't think it's to make look steeper though. And if anything a 5.12 slab solo is even more impressive than a vertical wall would...
Si dH - 08 Feb 2014

He should have bring some draws, if only for giving a clue about steepness :) also, growing some dreadlocks would do, but then it would be tougher to keep a cool mind _0 No joke, what this guy is doing it's...
progrupicola - 08 Feb 2014

This news story has been read 11,936 times
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