FULL VIDEO: Alex Honnold - His Hardest Big Wall Solo - El Sendero Luminoso

by Björn Pohl - UKC Feb/2014
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+Alex Honnold on El Sondero Luminoso, 500m 7c - Solo..., 91 kb
Alex Honnold on El Sondero Luminoso, 500m 7c - Solo...
UKC News, Feb 2014
© The North Face (Video Still)
In January, American climber Alex Honnold soloed El Sendero Luminoso, a 500m, technical, 7c big wall at Potrero Chico, Mexico.

We've already reported the ascent with a short video clip, but now there is a longer video available. Another astonishing ascent by Alex Honnold, beautifully captured on film with amazing drone footage, and awesome climbing sequences, don't miss this video!

The climb is highly technical and very sustained with 11 out of the 15 pitches being in the 5.12-range (7a+-7cish)!

Alex Honnold is sponsored by: The North Face, Black Diamond, Clif bar, La Sportiva and New England Ropes

Forums ( Read More... | 20 comments, 16 Feb 2014 )
Yes, even though I don't like to watch films of soloing, I agree. On another note, I'd say that Teddy's comment about it being 7b+ and not 7c is missing the point by as much as it is possible to do so! Yes, even...
jon - 15 Feb 2014

Amazing filming,the intensity is just gripping! you can see the guy moving his fingers and feeling that rock.Seeing him do that stuff gets my guts churning over and over.One thing for certain he got balls!
chrissyboy - 14 Feb 2014

Ah, ok. Still, hearing about The Fish was, I think, my personal biggest over "OMG What !!!?" reaction to a piece of climbing news. It was so completely out of the blue for anybody outside the...
AlanLittle - 13 Feb 2014

The fish gets 7b ish. It's a lot longer, but probably not as sustained. However the climbing in marmolada is extremely thin. Not sure id be that keen on soloing either really. I'm equally impressed by this and Hansjorg...
Ged Desforges - 13 Feb 2014

Great achievement by Alex. Sorry to be picky but I believe the grade of the hardest pitch is 7b+ and not 7c, therefore it is not accurate to state that this is a '7c big wall' in your title. The difference between 7c...
teddy - 13 Feb 2014

This news story has been read 12,286 times
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