Shauna Coxsey Climbs 2nd 8B

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Apr/2014
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+Shauna climbing Zarzaparilla, as her second 8B, 119 kb
Shauna climbing Zarzaparilla, as her second 8B
UKC News, Apr 2014
© Shauna Coxsey coll.

Shauna Coxsey has just returned from Albarracin, Northern Spain, where she climbed her second boulder problem at the 8B grade with an ascent of Zarzaparilla. 

Shauna broke the news on her Twitter feed saying:

"Today I did my second 8b! :D SO PSYCHED!"

Shauna has previously climbed Nothin' But Sunshine, 8B, in Rocky Mountain National Park, and was the first British woman to climb an 8B boulder problem (UKC News Report). asked Shauna some questions about her climbing:

You are better known for your competition climbing, but have also climbed 8B - what is your relationship with climbing outside?

Shauna: Climbing outside is like a treat. I get to do what I love without the pressures and stresses that come with competition climbing. I love climbing outside and feel I have so much more improvement to make.

You recently had a frustrating trip to Switzerland where you battled to climb two 8A's when you had your sights set on climbing 8B again - did this make you more motivated for Albarracin

Shauna: Not at all. Although it took me a few sessions to climb Freak Brothers, 8A, in Switzerland it is one of my biggest achievements to date. I just like trying hard and pushing myself.

Is it stressful knowing that you only have a short trip to climb your rock goals before it is back home to train for competitions?

Shauna: No, I treat my trips outside like a holiday and my biggest goal is to have fun. I choose to compete and spend time training so I can't exactly complain. I just feel lucky that my coach manages to fit in all of my training as well as a few trips.

Did you do any specific training before heading out to Albarracin to prevent another trip like Switzerland?

Shauna: I didn't fear another trip like Switzerland. And nope I didn't do any specific training or preparation.

You are soon to be heading off to the first of the World Cup events, is this it for rock climbing for you until that is over?

Shauna: Yeap. I will focus on the World Cups for the next few months. It is such a busy season this year so there will not be any time for rock climbing until its over.

Shauna Coxsey is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten and The Climbing Hangar

Forums ( Read More... | 15 comments, 11 Apr 2014 )
"Did you do any specific training before heading out to Albarracin to prevent another trip like Switzerland?" Eh? She had a good trip and climbed two 8as. How's that a failure of a trip? She's just told you...
r0x0r.wolfo - 11 Apr 2014

Well said; totally agree. The line of questioning is interesting and fair even if it could have been better worded – after all most of what all of us say all the time could have been better worded. Seems to me...
johncoxmysteriously - 10 Apr 2014

Reading these comments, and then re-reading my questions I agree they were insensitive and poorly worded. I can assure it wasn't my intention to have a dig at Shauna, I was trying to find out Shauna's relationship with...
Duncan Campbell - UKC - 10 Apr 2014

Aye, crap interviewing. Bet that made Shauna feel great! Could have been more tactful ways to find out about how Shauna deals with pressure etc. Implicating in a question that someone has failed with regards to their...
jakes - 09 Apr 2014

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