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by UKC News Apr/2014
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There have recently been significant improvements to the weekly newsletter sent out by both and The newsletters have had a complete layout and style change, whilst increasing interactivity and usability. 

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+New UKClimbing Newsletter , 116 kb
New UKClimbing Newsletter
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New UKHillwalking Newsletter
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Previously, both UKClimbing and UKHillwalking content was displayed. Feeling that this was an obvious way to improve the newsletter function, we have now created two newsletters; one for UKC and one for UKH. This is better for all users, simply highlighting the best content that is relevant to their interests.

In addition to this, the old newsletter displayed everything that had been published on the site during the previous week, creating a very cluttered look. This has now been streamlined to give a 'Best of the Week' theme, where the top three News Items, Articles or Gear Reviews from each site are featured at the top. 

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This is then followed by a new feature of the newsletter, which highlights the current competitions applicable to each site. Every week, a new competition starts lasting two weeks. This new feature of the newsletter should ensure that you never miss out on the opportunity to win a great prize from one of our many advertisers.

The very popular 'Photo of the Week' is also highlighted within the newsletter so you can always be sure to see the best photos to have been uploaded to the site that week.

It is possible to subscribe or unsubscribe to the both the UKC and the UKH newsletters by clicking HERE  


Forums ( Read More... | 4 comments, 22 Apr 2014 )
Hi Morgan, Thanks for the feedback. We tried to simplify things with this update, making an effort not to condense the entire site down into a single email (which is impossible and swiftly becomes very cluttered)....
Rob Greenwood - UKC - 22 Apr 2014

I really liked the 'top forum posts of the week' section as it gave me a second chance to see any of the interesting posts that slipped through the net. Would it be possible to keep this at the bottom or something?
Morgan P - 18 Apr 2014

This news story has been read 2,689 times
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