FRI NIGHT VID: Nathan Lee on 'Lets Get Killed' - E7 6b

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor May/2014
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It's all about videos on the internet these days. Some are edited in this modern, fast cut, fast action style, some are slower paced and arty, and others are just plain crap.

Earlier this week we published a video from Lyon Equipment of Adam Onrda in the Peak District. You can't please everyone all the time of course, and a few of the forum comments wanted a different edit of Adam on the grit.

So, for all those folk wanting less edited footage of gritstone climbing, here's a basic yet brilliant video from Nathan Lee on the esoteric and evocatively named gritstone route Lets Get Killed on Wilderness Rocks. The balancy, technical and bold nature of the route come through on camera, as Nathan stands, cheek against the wall, pinching two tiny pebbles.

First climbed back in 2001 by Tom de Gay, this route has the following guidebook description:

'The roof and very sketchy face above climbed on extremely dubious death pebbles.'

Nathan thinks his was the second ascent of the route, but it's always hard to know for sure with these things.

Anyway, sit back, relax and if you're anything like me, get terrified just watching!

Nathan Lee is sponsored by: Boreal and Mammut

Forums ( Read More... | 33 comments, 13 May 2014 )
Couldn't agree more. F*ck the helmet police... and f*ck the, "Why're you carrying your prussiks on a non-screwgate krab?" police. In fact, f*ck the police, period. However, knowing gentle, unassuming Tom...
Mick Ward - 12 May 2014

Great to see some good old balls out heroic soloing (now that I'm far too old for it). I know there would have been a fair amount some top roping beforehand but nevertheless I was absorbed and gripped just watching,...
skellymax - 12 May 2014

In reply to Tommyads I think with modern helmets being so well fitting ad light this isn't much of an excuse. Tom d'gay climbed this route in an old camp rockstar helmet on the first ascent and didn't fall off. Also...
fenclimb - 10 May 2014

I met a young Goth woman the other day who told me that her (admirable) standard reply to anyone who suggested she should moderate her look was 'F*ck off, I look amazing.' I'd suggest this as the best reply to anyone...
johncoxmysteriously - 10 May 2014

I don't think I made anything up? I thought that's valid enough. I don't wear a helmet because I don't like them. I tell that to helmet police (who have approached me at crags before!?) and that's always been a valid...
Tommyads - 10 May 2014

thats the good thing with the helmet police, they accept even the weirdest arguments against helmets (my favourite is the one with the "cheek against the wall"), because the lack of a helmet doesn´t make...
aschmidt - 10 May 2014

This news story has been read 10,493 times
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