VIDEO: Anna Stöhr climbs La Rose et la Vampire, 8b, Buoux

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jun/2014
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In the Mammut Rock Climbing Classics series, where the stars of today climbs classic routes together with people who where actually there when it happened, Anna Stöhr tries La Rose et la Vampire together with Antoine Le Menestrel who made the first ascent back in 1985.

In the mid 80s Antoine was at the very top of his game, leading the way with first ascents like La rage de vivre, 8b+ and Ravage, ~8b+/c, both in 1986 to name just a couple.
In 1985 he visited Britain and made his famous solo ascent of Revelations, 8a, at Raven Tor.

Anna Stöhr has several sponsors including La Sportiva and Mammut

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Calm down Toby (and on no account look for the Katana Women Changing Colour adverts on youtube) Best of the Mammut videos yet, partly because of the characters of AS and MlM, partly because the redpoint is well filmed.
TimB - 13 Jun 2014

If you Google pictures of the route, many other people do it without the head right under the arm. The most notable exception is the famous picture of Wolfgang Gullich on it (who incidentally never completed the route)....
RupertD - 13 Jun 2014

She also appears to be quite narrow across the shoulders in comparison to the length of her arms, certainly in comparison to most blokes. Good shoulder flexibility will help, too. She also appears to be quite narrow...
Mark Bull - 13 Jun 2014

Because she is quite immensely strong maybe? (Was watching other Mammut videos after this one and watched her stroll up Brad Pit). If not that, then my money is on it being because she is a magic fairy princess all the...
TobyA - 13 Jun 2014

Such an iconic photo that the French now think that Yaniro invented it and indeed call a fig4 a Yaniro! With regard to the Rose move, she doesn't seem to have to do it in such an extreme way as most other climbers...
jon - 13 Jun 2014

Thanks. I've never been there, I just remember some iconic photos of early 90s sport climbing (for instance, Neil Gresham with a very 1991 haircut! ;-) from Buoux and people figure of fouring, but I remember the name...
TobyA - 13 Jun 2014

This news story has been read 4,850 times
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