THIS WEEKEND: Shauna to Defend IFSC Top Spot in China

by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk Jun/2014
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This weekend (20th and 21st June 2014) will see the seventh round of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup held in Haiyang, China. This is the first time all three IFSC disciplines; Boulder, Lead and Speed, will be competing together. 

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+Shauna Coxsey about to make the final move to finish problem 4 and win a gold medal, 84 kb
Shauna Coxsey about to make the final move to finish problem 4 and win a gold medal
UKC News, May 2014
© IFSC (Screenshot from video)

Competing for Great Britain will be Shauna Coxsey and Nathan Phillips.

Shauna is currently ranked in 1st place in the IFSC World Cup and hopefully she can continue to climb well to maintain this position - good luck Shauna!

The qualification round took place early this morning for the women, with Shauna qualifying in second place. The men's qualifiers take place later today. On Saturday, the semi-finals and finals will take place and these will be live streamed at the below times on the IFSC website.

 Semi-Finals: 2am (UK time)

 Finals: 9.30am (UK time)

The GB Bouldering Team is supported by: BMC, Sherpa Adventure Gear and Crowd Funding

Forums ( Read More... | 15 comments, 23 Jun 2014 )
The replays for Chongqing only went up after the crew got back home - the internet in the hotel was painfully slow and as often as not the temporary network set up for the webcast disappears straight after the...
Graeme Alderson - 23 Jun 2014

So... Akiyo Noguchi now five points ahead of Shauna Coxsy with one round to go. I couldn't find links to the usual replay video. Pressumably some sort of internet logistics problem with the event being in China.
JLS - 23 Jun 2014

Problem with her right knee Nearly everyone was on the same plane from Toronto to Denver and most went up to Vail on the Wednesday. I suspect that fatigue was also kicking in, 6 comps in 7 weeks took it out of me...
Graeme Alderson - 20 Jun 2014

Never previously been interested in comps but this World Cup has really gripped my sh*t. It's a shame that the British comp. is on at the same time ,I'll be going cross-eyed switching channels... Agree 100% with all...
Sherlock - 20 Jun 2014

Do you know if Shauna had a particular injury at Vail that caused the slight drop in her good form? Did it look like climbers that had had a chance to acclimatise to the altitude faired better? Were all the main...
JLS - 20 Jun 2014

The calculation is here:!type=ranking&cat=ICC_FB&cup=14_WC&detail=1 I worked out some permutations but Graham has expressed it much more concisely.
Quiddity - 20 Jun 2014

This news story has been read 3,346 times
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